VW (Volkswagen) pays 620 million euros in damages in Germany

VW pays 620 million euros

It concerns amounts from 1,350 euros to 6,250 euros, which will be paid from 5 May. Additional investigations are still required for approximately 21,000 cases. The period for new registrations and the completion of missing information has been extended to April 30.

At the beginning of this year, VW had reached a settlement with the German consumer organization VZBV. The agreement provides that affected consumers can obtain compensation for the loss of value of their vehicle as a result of the scandal. Earlier this month, a British judge ruled that tens of thousands of Volkswagen owners in Britain are also rightfully claiming damages from the German car manufacturer, because of the cheating software. The British court has yet to decide what compensation the 91,000 complainants are entitled to.

In the Netherlands, legal proceedings of Volkswagen customers have also been running against the largest car manufacturer in the world for years. However, neither Volkswagen nor VW importer Pon has yet pledged any compensation.

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