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VPN Vs Proxy Guide: How Is VPN Different from Proxy?

VPN and proxy are two different cybersecurity servers that help you mask your IP address and provide safe networking. A proxy or VPN is not necessarily used by spies or cops as shown in movies, they are often used by common internet users to access geo-restricted sites and much more. Most of the people, however, use the term VPN and proxy interchangeably since both of them serve the same purpose but that is not the case.

How is VPN different from proxy?

VPN is quite different from a proxy server. The proxy server acts as a middleman. Instead of diving headfirst into the target site, your action first goes through the proxy server. Proxy server hides your IP address and makes it seem as if you aren’t the one accessing the site but the proxy. The website does not see your IP address but is instead shown the IP address of the proxy. VPN, in contrast, acts like a secure tunnel. All your actions go through this tunnel and are automatically encrypted, hiding your IP address. In this way, VPN provides you more security and privacy.

Which one offers more privacy: VPN or Proxy?

VPN Proxy server
Hides your IP address ✔️ ✔️
Encrypts data ✔️
Works on the operating system level ✔️

With the growing security concerns, having a full-fledged security system is a must for many. IP addresses reveal a lot of your details such as your location, your search history, and much more. A minute security breach in any of the sites you visit can make you vulnerable to hacking, viruses, etc. VPN, in such a case, does a much better job of hiding your identity than a proxy. A proxy server only hides your IP address, but the proxy owner can see all the actions you while you are using the proxy and sometimes can make you susceptible to hacking. VPN, on the other hand, with its foolproof encryption offers a much safer and private connection. It hides your IP, encrypts data, and also works on the operating system level.

Geo-Blocking & Network Restrictions: VPN or Proxy



VPN Proxy server
Bypasses geo-blocking ✔️ ✔️
Bypasses network restrictions ✔️ ✔️

Both options can be used for accessing geo-restricted sites and bypass geo-blocking.

Proxies are also used to restrict network activity sometimes, for example in schools or offices, some unproductive sites (especially social networking sites) are blocked so that people can utilize their time more efficiently and be productive.

Which one is safer when using torrents: VPN or Proxy?

VPN Proxy server
Grants access to torrent websites ✔️ ✔️
Ensures privacy while using torrents ✔️

VPN and Proxy servers, both allow you to access different torrent downloading websites and let you download the stuff you want. VPN ensures that you are completely safe and secure while you are using the torrent, a proxy, however, does not ensure complete privacy while you are using the torrent.

Which one improves the connection speed?

  VPN Proxy server
Can improve speed if throttled ✔️
Reliable connection ✔️

A proxy only improves your connection speed if you are trying to access a site you previously visited. VPN sometimes improves the loading speed if your internet service provider throttles your internet connection. A VPN is also comparatively safe and provides a more reliable connection in comparison with a proxy server.

Which one is the best?

In conclusion, a proxy is better for accessing blocked content while VPN is best for Encrypting all your traffic and ensuring online privacy.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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