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Vladimir Putin Net Worth, Bio, Age & Career

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and he is very popular among the citizens. He has got a chance to serve as both President and Prime minister of Russia. There are many people who believe that he has led a controversial international reputation. Dealing with political situations isn’t easy but Vladimir has successfully done that many times. He is the current President of Russia since 2012 and serving for the second time in a row. If you want to know more about this political figure read the following details.

Early Life


Vladimir was born on 7th October 1952 in Leningrad, Russia. He belonged to a normal household and his mother was a factory worker. If we talk about his father he was a conscript in the Soviet Navy. Since his childhood, his speaking skills were better than others while his confidence level was also good. He is 68 years old currently while his height is only five feet and six inches. Vladimir was also interested in Judo and Sambo and is a black belt holder at the age of 12. The best thing is that while studying in German school he learned that language too and is a fluent speaker. He completed his law degree in 1975 and became an assistant professor at his law school.

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Political career

Vladimir 3

The political career of Vladimir started with a 16-year stint while he was serving in KGB. He got the perfect training and got to know how to deal with foreigners and consular officials in Leningrad. His experience was further polished when he went to Russia for a training program. He was appointed as the acting Russian president in 1999 and it was a stepping stone of his political career. During this time period, he was criticized by world leaders and many other political experts as his views on human rights were controversial. Despite all that he was popular among the Russian people.

Billion-dollar fortune and Net worth

The estimated net worth of Vladimir happens to be $70 billion. He is one of the richest politicians and his income keeps increasing. Vladimir is earning $187 thousand per year which is massive but his major source of income is politics. He has a big house in Russia that is 16,000 square feet wide. People were surprised to know that his wife was handling his bank accounts and taking care of his wealth. Vladimir is an owner of many properties and using it for various purposes like market capitalization. If we combine the personal net worth with his wife assets the net worth and fortune will become huge.

Personal life and Public image

Vladimir got married to his long time love Lyudmila Shkrebneva and they are blessed with two daughters. They got married in 1983 but unfortunately got divorced in 2013. The long term relationship ended on a sad note but they both remain to be very close with their daughters. His public image is more macho and very stylish. People have seen him shirtless on many events relating to sport and he is loved for being an open-minded person.

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