Virat Kohli equaled MS Dhoni Indian record as captain, with more test wins

Virat Kohli equaled MS Dhoni Indian record as captain

Virat Kohli equaled Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Indian record of most victories as captain.

India beat West Indies by 318 runs in the first Test championship match, followed by 419 runs, the hosts were on 100, Jasprit Bamra took 5 wickets for only 7 runs in 8 overs, Ishant Sharma added 3 and Mohammad Shami, who had two outs, proved to be India’s biggest non-Diarrhea run and the fourth-biggest victory overall.

Interestingly, Virat Kohli was led by 4 of India’s 5 major Test victories in terms of runs. He overtook Sauravangoli as the captain with the most successes in Diar Non.

Under his leadership, the Indian team won 11 Tests outside the country, and Kohli has set Dhoni’s national record as the highest 27 Test victories overall, earning him the 47th Test. Dhoni had won these victories in 60 Test matches.

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