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Vince McMahon Is All Set To Meet With Top WWE Star

Everyday people are browsing news from the wrestling world. It has been a tough day for Vince McMahon as there are some intriguing reports coming in. The report from Wall Street Journal reveals the former WWE CEO and chairman is trying to keep everyone quiet. He has paid around $12 million to keep his affairs and accusations of the sexual misconduct shut down.

The question arises how is he trying to keep all these rumors quiet? How will he put up with all the allegations against him? If the speculations are true he is flying to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Here is more to this story:

Vince McMahon is flying to Vancouver tonight

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A new report from the WWE world is coming in that Vince will fly to Vancouver tonight. Right after the conclusion of “WWE Friday Night SmackDown” in Fort Worth, Texas he will be flying soon. The news reports didn’t really give a specific reason for this flight though. Some other sources reveal that it is related to him meeting the top WWE star and Hollywood A-Lister John Cena.

He is currently in Vancouver and preparing for the new season of HBO Max Series ‘Peacemaker’. However some reports suggest that the next season of ‘peacemaker’ will not film for quite some time. The new travel plans of Vince have changed and shifted from this weekend to the next one.

If we talk about the series it is based on the character of DC comics. It has the similar name where John has already portrayed in the movie ‘The Suicide Squad’. The series was renewed for a new season in February due to the high demand coming in from people.

There is no doubt that the filming of this series is going to keep John very busy for the next few months. He will possibly become a part of WWE SummerSlam in late July.  His fans are curious to know more about what he is up to in the coming months.

With the initial plans John will wrestle at the upcoming event. Previously no matches are set up for John with his return to ‘RAW’. Some other reports confirm that John has not been a part of any show since some time now.

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John Cena May Wrestle For A Match Next Year


According to the latest updates John Cena will be up for a WrestleMania 39 match for the next year. It is very much possible that Vince McMahon’s flight to Vancouver is related to something interesting. He will try to pitch John for a new match at the next year’s event. For now there is no confirmation from John or Vince on the allegations made against Vince.

He is yet to arrive at the arena where SmackDown is happening. Many people are wondering how Vince McMahon is dealing with all the allegations against him. It is to be seen how his trip to Vancouver turns out to be. Are you looking for more news and updates? Keep checking this space for more.

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