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Inside Man: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Details

Inside man is an Asian drama that airs daily. The fans of the show don’t have to miss to show even on weekends because it airs every day. Inside Man is a fast-paced drama and if you like dramas that have a great storyline then this one is for you. The drama will entertain you because it has such great performances and plot. If you haven’t watched it yet then this post will provide you with all the updates and details about Inside Man.

Which actors are a part of the lead cast of Inside Man?

The cast of Inside Man includes the following actors:

  • Zhang Yi Shan as Shen Fang,
  • Pan Yue as Shen Lin,
  • Faye Wang as Liu Ru Yan,
  • Wang Rui as Yao Bi Jun,
  • Zhao Da as Luo Li Zhong
  • Zhao Yang as Lu Wen Zhang

What is the plot of Inside Man?

Inside Man is based on the siblings’ rivalry. The drama focuses on the different political viewpoints of the two brothers and how they are up against each other. Shen Fang is a spy who fights for his ideals and makes extra efforts to serve his ideals. On the other hand, his older brother Shen Lin works at Kuomintang as a special agent. The two brothers are at loggerheads because they are opponents in the political scene. Their professional rivalry has spoiled their personal relationship as well.

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How is the response to Inside Man?

inside man

The plot of Inside Man has faced a lot of criticism. The fans of the show believe that the siblings’ rivalry has crossed the line in the drama. China is a traditional country and Chinese people care about the values and traditions a lot. The people in China are not supporting the storyline because it is quite extreme and serious. The plot also gets dull and boring sometimes so people who are interested in watching a serious drama can enjoy a drama with this genre. The critics also haven’t given favorable reviews to the drama and the viewership ratings have also not surpassed 2.

How many episodes will Inside Man Season 1 have?

The first season of Inside Man will have a total of 49 episodes. The drama has aired 22 episodes so far and the remaining episodes are still left to air. The drama will be ending on 19th July as it airs every day. The drama will run for 2 weeks and the fans will be able to see the end of the drama.

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Where can you stream Inside Man?

Inside Man airs on the Chinese tv channel iQiyi and airs the drama at their night slot. If you don’t have the channel subscribed then you can watch it online. The drama will be upon Tencent streaming websites after the original release of the drama on the Chinese channel.

What is the release date of Inside Man?

The release date of Inside Man Episode 23&24 is 5 July 2020. The drama releases new episodes on 19:30 PM Chinese time. The new episodes air every day so if you start watching the show you will get to enjoy a new episode every day.

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