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Vince McMahon Net Worth, House, Age, Wife, Height In Feet

Vince McMahon is a professional wrestling promoter. He owns the most of the World Wrestling Entertainment and is the CEO of the legendary company. He is a multi-tasker and is a professional actor, producer, host and a wrestler. Vince took over the giant WWE from his father but at that time it wasn’t as huge as it is today. He transformed the WWE which was a regional company into a strong national entity. He is the pioneer of wrestling and brought the game into the mainstream making it a prominent game all over the world. The wrestling legend has not had it easy and reaching the top was a tough challenge for him. He was involved in many controversies but he faced them strongly and came out as a winner.

Quick Facts about Vince McMahon

  • He was born on 24th August 1945
  • He is 73 years old
  • His star sign is Virgo
  • He was born and brought up in North Carolina United States
  • He is 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • He holds an American Nationality
  • His father is a wrestling legend
  • His sons also are a part of WWE

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Childhood and life before becoming a star

Vince was born in North Carolina and had a troubling childhood. He was brought up under strict parents and was also bullied at school. His father was the founder of a wrestling corporation which later became the main platform for international wrestling. His paternal grandfather was a big name in the wrestling and boxing game. Vince had a rough childhood and was beaten by his stepfather when he was a child. His father left his mother and him and moved to another house with his eldest son. He had to suffer living with multiple stepfathers because her mother married many times. He was treated badly by his stepfathers. He also has 4 stepbrothers who are not on good terms with him. Although his father was rich he grew up in severe poverty.

Controversies and Scandals

In 1992 he was accused of a rape attempt in his limousine. A woman who was a professional referee accused Vince to have harassed her sexually. He was accused of sexual harassment charges in 2006 as well. The charges were made a bar girl who accused Vince of harassing her sexually.

He was accused of promoting the use of steroids. It was rumored that he suggested the wrestlers to take high doses of steroids. He was also charged of making the game of wrestling too dangerous for the players.

His Wife

Vince is a one man woman and believes in true love. He met his wife Linda when he was just 16 years old. His wife was 13 years of age at that time. They met through their mothers. They were good friends and worked at the same office. They dated when they were in high school. In fact the lovers were inseparable since they met each other. They got married shortly after graduating from college. They got married when they were very young. Their ages were 20 and 17 respectively. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

Vince McMahon net worth

Last year Vince net worth was estimated to be 1.7 billion. This year has been a phenomenal year for him and he has managed to double his assets that make his net worth around a whopping $ 3.2 billion. WWE has signed 2 big deals recently and the process of the increase in his income doesn’t stop here.

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Vince McMahon House

Vince has invested in many properties but his biggest investment is his huge mansion near Hurlingham drive. His mansion is lavish and has 25 rooms and a huge garden area.

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