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Vaping Safely: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

What is vaping

Lately, a lot of people have started to understand the negative effects of using regular cigarettes in order to satisfy their smoking needs. In other words, people realized that by smoking regular cigarettes, the chances of putting their health at risk increased. So, due to having a smoking habit that people were unable to let go of, they started to look for ways to satisfy their needs without causing harm to their health.

As companies understood this need, they started to invest more in research and development to deliver their target customers with their needs. One way that companies achieved this was by creating electronic cigarettes called vaporizers, which turned out to be a close substitute to diamond glass bong with integrated percolators since they provided smokers with a cooler hit. To further elaborate, since bongs were considered to be a healthier smoking option for smokers, companies took the idea of a percolator bong and turned it into a portable smoking device. 

So, vaping can be considered a similar device compared to a percolator bong that offers the same benefits; however, the only difference between the two types is that by using a vape, smokers can carry the device with them. 

Different types of vaping devices

After vaping was introduced to the market, companies saw an increase in their profits due to customer satisfaction. In order to keep their sales high, numerous other types of vaping devices were introduced to the market. The main distinguisher of the numerous types of vapes was the different features that each type had, which differentiated one product from the other. 

However, vape production companies also understood the demand for disposable vapes. In other words, since vapes became a trend in the smoking community, many people started to try out the device but did not have the intention of becoming full-time smokers. For this reason, companies introduced a disposable vape where people could smoke a flavor to understand the hype behind the innovative device. 

Hence, before choosing what type of vape to use, be sure to understand the different types available to invest in the one that fits your preferences. 

What are the components of a vape?

When it comes to understanding the different components of a vape, you may realize that its components aren’t similar to any other smoking device. 

A regular vape needs to have a cartridge where the vape juice is stored – the vape juice can come in many different flavors, providing smokers with a wide variety of choices. 

On the other hand, a vape needs to have a coil that filters the smoke and cools it off, providing smokers with a cooler hit. 

Lastly, a vaporizer needs to have a mouthpiece to allow people a way to inhale the smoke from the device. 

How to ensure safe vaping:

1- Select the right type of vaping device

One of the most important safety measures that most smokers do not pay attention to is the selection of the right type of vape. By using the right type of vape, smokers will be guaranteed that the heater and coil inside the device will work effectively without causing any problems during a hit. 

2- Choose a high quality vape juice

Some people think that getting a high quality vape but not investing in high quality vape juice can decrease their vape smoking-related expenses. However, this is far from the case, as the quality of the vape juice plays an important role in providing smokers with a safe smoking experience. 

In other words, when using high quality vape juice, people will be ensured that the ingredients of the vape juice will not cause harm to their health. This is because some vape juice producers may use unhealthy ingredients to create the vape juice in order to sell it at lower prices compared to high quality providers.

3- Educate yourself on vaping techniques

On the other hand, using a vape to fulfill your smoking needs requires people to learn some smoking techniques. To use a vape effectively, be sure to understand how to inhale through the mouthpiece and have a better smoking experience. 

4- Start by smoking lower nicotine levels

Additionally, one of the benefits of using a vape is that it allows people the opportunity to smoke with lower nicotine levels, unlike regular cigarettes, where the nicotine levels are fixed most of the time. 

So, when using a vape as a beginner, be sure to start smoking at lower nicotine levels to prolong the negative effects associated with inhaling smoke for long periods.  

5- Stay hydrated 

Finally, one of the effects of inhaling smoke is that it causes the water percentage of a smoker’s body to lower, causing them to become dehydrated. So, to avoid facing this situation, be sure to stay hydrated. 


To conclude, the usage of vapes has increased for the past couple of years; thus, to have a safer vaping experience, be sure to educate yourself on how to use the device to become satisfied with your smoking experience. 

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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