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Toshihide Tonesaku Net Worth, Career, Bio, Age, Movies & Relationships

Toshihide Tonesaku is a popular Japanese actor. Just like his fellow actors he didn’t want his name and fame to be restricted in Japan only. He has succeeded in maintaining a good image and his talent has helped him earn a lot of success. Toshihide is best known for Tokyo Babylon 1999 (1993), Ichi rittoru no Namida (2005), and Kamisama Mitsukoshi dake (1998). He has got a good fan following and doesn’t shy away from trying new and diverse roles. If you want to know more about him carry on reading the following details.

Bio and Early Life

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Toshihide was born on April 3rd, 1972 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. He is 48 years old currently and his height is 1.73 meters. His fans will be surprised to know that he is talented and was a bright student too. He completed his education at Hosei University, HOSEI Daini Junior and Senior High School. From his young age, he was inspired by many senior actors and followed their acting styles. He wanted to pursue his career in acting and started working towards the dream.

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Professional career

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Toshihide has done a lot of prominent movies and TV shows. He has given good performances and has earned nominations in big award functions. There are few actors who can breathe life into the characters they play but he is one of them. His star sign is Pisces and is very passionate about acting.


  • Masquerade Hotel (2019) – Kuga
  • Dorome: Girls’ Side | Dorome: Joshihen (2016) – Kirikoshi
  • Dorome: Boys’ Side | Dorome: Danshihen (2016) – Kirikoshi
  • Bayside Shakedown 3: Set the Guys Loose | Odoru Daisosasen 3 (2010) – Yuta Asao Suspect X | Yogisha X no Kenshin (2008)

Drama Series

  • Radiation House
  • Nurse in Action
  • Yotsuba Ginko Harashima Hiromi ga Monomosu: Kono Onna ni Kakeru
  • Good Doctor (Fuji TV / 2018)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Talks Season 4
  • Specialist (TV Asahi / 2016)
  • Godan (WOWOW / 2015)
  • Bokura Playboys Jyukuren Tanteisha
  • Temisu no Kyuukei
  • The Emperor’s Cook
  • The Girl’s Speech
  • Zero’s Truth: Forensic Medical Examiner Matsumoto Maou
  • Last Doctor Rasuto Dokuta – Kansatsui Akita no Kenshi Hokoku
  • Minowa: Love and Law
  • Henshin (WOWOW / 2014)
  • Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out
  • Bitter Blood (Fuji TV / 2014)
  • Alimony Lawyer
  • Dandarin Rules

TV Movies

  • Chuzai Keiji Special
  • Kono Mystery ga Sugoi!
  • The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up
  • Katazuke no Maho (NTV / 2013)
  • Sunakugari (TBS / 2012)
  • 11 Moji no Satsujin (Fuji TV / 2011)
  • The Divorce Syndrome
  • Yoru no Owaru Toki (TBS / 2007)
  • Bizarre Tales 2007 Autumn Special (Fuji TV / 2007)
  • Ikiru (TV Asahi / 2007)
  • Ai no Rukeichi (NTV / 2007)
  • Romeo and Juliet (NTV / 2007)
  • Detective School Q Special (NTV / 2006)
  • Water Boys 2005 Summer (Fuji TV / 2005)

Net Worth

The total net worth of Toshihide happens to be around $ 1 million. He has earned all this fortune with his acting career. Due to his hard work and talent, he has achieved this position. He has a big house and likes to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

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