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Top 10 Ideal Strategies To Increase Instagram Followers

Introduction With the constant development on the social and economic impact by Instagram, no doubt gaining followers is a milestone towards succeeding in the present-day world. All over the world, individuals and businesses are doing everything possible to increase Instagram followers just to remain on the competitive Instagram edge.

However, that process of increasing Instagram followers is never a walk in the park. Thankfully, we have come up with the top 10 ideal strategies to increase Instagram followers:

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Top 10 most Followed accounts on Instagram

This list contains the top 10 Instagram accounts with the most followers on the photo and video-sharing social platform Instagram.

Rank Username Owner Followers (millions) Profession Country
1 @instagram Instagram 315 Social media platform  USA
2 @cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo 188 Footballer  POR
3 @arianagrande Ariana Grande 166 Musician and actress  USA
4 @therock Dwayne Johnson 160 Actor and professional wrestler  USA
5 @selenagomez Selena Gomez 159 Musician and actress  USA
6 @kimkardashian Kim Kardashian 150 Reality TV personality and businesswoman  USA
7 @kyliejenner Kylie Jenner 150 Reality TV personality and businesswoman  USA
8 @leomessi Lionel Messi 135 Footballer  ARG
9 @beyonce Beyoncé 134 Musician  USA
10 @neymarjr Neymar 128 Footballer  BRA
  1. Updating your Profile

Your user account should be catchy to your targeted audience and at the same time, ensure it builds confidence and trust about your brand. To do, you simply need to change your profile image to one that is more attractive, current, and reliable. Additionally, the image needs to relay your brand’s full information.

As a norm, a new follower tends to feel that he deserves much of your attention, and so you should act as expected. For that case, you can consider setting alerts to be notified whenever somebody responds to your post either by commenting, liking, tagging, or sharing and act accordingly. That way, you will be enhancing the image of your brand and as a result, gain more followers.

  1. Posting High Quality and Engaging Contents

The acquisition and maintenance of followers are majorly impacted by the quality and of your posts. The image’s color, contrast, and background are the major determinants of whether the perception will be positive or negative. It is advisable for you to post professional photos with a considerable amount of blue, red, and white colors since they are the most frequently used in comparison to the rest of the colors.

You don’t have to stop there, go ahead, and illustrate the brand’s human side by uploading contents that the audience can relate with their day to day lives. It can include giving them your point of view of trending issues or personal experience. This approach will enable users to correlate with your contents and consequently be triggered to follow you.

  1. Using Follower Generation Tools

Among the favorite tools include Projectlnsta that enables you to increase your following quickly, safely significantly, and at no cost. They do so by connecting you with potential followers (through encrypted calculations) and suggesting the type of content you need to post and the time to post it.

Besides, they also offer professional editing services to your videos and images. While it might take a lot of time to gain followers naturally, you can opt to use the follower generating tools to increase the number of Instagram followers instantly.

  1. Tagging your Targeted Audience on your Posts

Each social media platform blossoms courtesy of social network linkage, and Instagram is no exception. To leverage on other Instagram users’ impact on the site, you should consider tagging them on your uploaded contents. That is also an ideal method of luring them to tag you in their contents as well. You stand to benefit from that because apart from them following you, their followers will also be pushed to do the same.

The feature of “Geotagging” can also be used to tag your targeted group in a specific locality. By so doing, you will attract their attention, and the result will be following you.

  1. Optimizing on the well-know Hashtags while Conceptualizing on New Ones

Instagram users make use of hashtags for purposes of finding products within their vicinity, relevant contents or accounts meeting their expectations. Therefore, you can grab that opportunity and apply the commonly used hashtags such #WCW to back up your posts and boost their chances of being viewed by your targeted audience and consequently end up as your followers.

In case you opt to conceptualize other hashtags, consider short and straightforward words or phrases when deciding on the primary catchphrase. Let your hashtags be catchy to your existing followers, and they might use them in their posts, which will boost the hashtags rankings and eventually increase Instagram followers.

  1. Including Captivating Captions on Images

You can include comic wordings in your images before posting instead of posting something “flat” that you end up regretting later. Figure out something that has the potential of attracting your present followers and prompt them to, like, comment, and ultimately share with others.

You can tailor the captions to be CTAs (Call-To-Actions) summoning the audience to, comment, share, and tag their followings. Still, the captions can be in the form of questions prompting the audience to provide their answers on the comment sections.

  1. Publishing Timely Contents

You should post your contents on time to raise the probabilities of being viewed by the targeted audience. Do you remember the day and time you posted and ended up receiving a considerable number of comments, likes, and shares? If you do, then that is the ideal time and day to post for you to increase Instagram followers.

According to, the ideal times to post are 2.00 A.M and 5.00 P.M on Wednesdays if you intend to

attract attention from your followers. You try that as well and see if it works best for you.

  1. Marketing and Linking your Account with other Social Media Accounts

In case you have family and friends not yet on Instagram, you can lure them into signing up for free and then be your followers. Also, you can consider linking up your account with others such as Linkedln, Facebook, or Twitter. Your friends on Facebook might not be your followers on Instagram, but the link up helps your posts to be visible or notified on Facebook, which likewise helps to pull in the friends to follow you.

Another option is to include your Instagram account on business cards, marketing emails, or your business’ site.

  1. Following to be Followers

Why don’t you initiate the following process by following your audience first? Instead of taking a back seat and waiting for people to follow you, consider following them, and you can be assured they will follow back.

Regarding your activities on Instagram, it suggests the people you might be interested in following. There is no harm in responding to the suggestions; instead, you stand to increase Instagram followers.

  1. Buy Instagram Followers

Yes! If you need the easy and fast way out, you can simply link your Instagram account to a service provider, make a payment, and then watch the number of your followers grow instantly. Celebrities, politicians, and brands are doing it, so can you?

Although this approach violates Instagram’s service terms, you can easily evade the account ban by buying high-quality Instagram followers from reputable vendors.

We believe if you implement the above strategies, then you are bound to significantly. That is crucial if you wish to maximize the conversion rates and profit generation to your venture.

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Teodora Torrendo
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