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Best Mistake Season 2 Episode 15: Release Date, Cast and Streaming Details

Best Mistake is a South Korean television series and the genre is comedy and Romance. If you like rom-com dramas it is a perfect choice for you. Season one of the show was loved by the audience and this is why season 2 came out but time passed on so quickly and we are already waiting for episode 15. The drama is released on Vlive and continues to grow number as the audience seems to be addicted to it. In this article, we are going to give you all the latest updates and streaming details so don’t forget to read it fully.

What is the Plot of Best mistake season 2?

The plot of Best mistake season 2 revolves around Kim Yeon doo who is an aspiring model but is devoted to her studies as well. Fate connects her with Ji Hyeon-ho who is a bully at school. They get so connected to each other that they eventually fall in love. They go through a period of love, romance and friendship all at once, and people at school just envy them. The lead and supporting cast has worked very hard and everyone is praised for their good performance. It is a great youth-oriented drama that features all the elements of love and friendship.

The drama is made on a small budget and the background is very appealing as it looks real. The best thing about youth-oriented drama is that you get to see every emotion in it. Kim Yeon doo and Ji Hyeon-ho feel like a part of our society and how they deal with their issues. There are many people in school who are against their friendship and love but they stand strong together. The script of the drama is natural and it portrays all the emotions in a perfect manner. As we are reaching towards the ending of the season we can expect a good and happy ending for the lead cast.

Who is in the cast of Best Mistake Season 2?

The cast of Best Mistake season 2 consists of relatively new actors from the South Korean industry. They still manage to impress the audience with their good performance. Youth loves such dramas as they can connect with the characters quite easily. The older audience feels that somehow they are going through their youth once again. Season 2 is going to have a total of 16 episodes and we are soon reaching towards the end. Let’s take a look at all the cast members below.

  • Lee Eun as Kim Yeon-doo
  • Kang Yul as JI Hyun Ho
  • Lee Jung as Choi Seung Hyun
  • Park Hyun as Ryu Sul
  • Best mistake season 2 release date

Release Date of Best Mistake season 2

The new episodes of Best mistake season 2 releases every Tuesday so episode 15 will be releasing on 19th May 2020. The latest episodes are telecasted on Vlive which is a South Korean Digital Network. It is a late-night television show and everyone can watch it easily. If you don’t reside in Korea you can stream it a little later once the actual broadcast is over. You can get the show in English Subtitles if you don’t understand the Korean Language.

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