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Tommy Lister Net Worth, Early Life, Wrestling Career, Acting & Legal Troubles

Tommy Lister is a popular American actor and a former wrestler. He has gained a lot of success in both professions till the time of his death in 2020. All the fans were shocked to know about his death as the actor is only 62 years old. Many people have poured in their tribute and sent their good wishes for the family too. Tommy has been like a true legend and if you want to know more about his life and professional career read on below:

Bio and Death

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Tommy was born on 24th June 1958 in Arkansas. He was grown up very well as his parents always supported him. You will be surprised to know that he was born with one blind eye. However, his performance was so good that no one could ever realize that it is true. He has very tall height and stands out among the crowd. His height is six feet and five inches. People were shocked to know about his death.

He died on 10th December 2020 at the age of 62. At his young age, he studied at the University of Los Angeles. He was a good wrestler during his school and college time too. His skills were evident so he wanted to pursue it as a career. Many people are curious to know his reason for death and it has been revealed that he showed symptoms of Coronavirus.

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Wresting Career and Acting


As he was trying to make a move with his wrestling career he got the chance to star in one movie. He got the role of Zeus in No Holds Barred and the movie was produced by World Wrestling Foundation. As the film got a lot of success he started getting a lot of prominence because of his character Zeus. He got the chance to fight and win against many opponents. The list of his wrestling opponents includes Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Randy Savage, and Ted DiBiase. During the time period of the ’90s, he was getting a lot of success in wrestling and won many championships. The start of his film career was accidental but he gained quick fame. If we talk about his film career he has done many successful roles and the names are as follows:

  • Friday
  • No Holds Barred
  • The fifth element
  • Dark Knight
  • Little Nicky
  • Runaway train

Net Worth, Personal Life, and Legal Troubles

The total net worth of Tommy happens to be $200 thousand. He is one of the most renowned players and actors. His personal life has seen a lot of ups and downs as he had to face many legal troubles. In 2012 he was arrested for doing a mortgage fraud and he acquires many properties in America. If we talk about his personal life he is married to Felicia Forbes and they have one son together. The marriage was still going strong and his death will be a huge loss for his family. All the fans will surely miss this talented man too! Do let us know how you feel.

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