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Tom DeLonge Net Worth, Age, Bio, Relationships, Career & Business Ventures

Tom DeLonge is an American musician, record producer, and entrepreneur. He has got a huge net worth all thanks to his talent and hard work that he has achieved so much. Tom is mostly known as the co-lead guitarist, vocalist, and founder of Blink-182. Since then he has also formed another band Angels and Airwaves. Most of the fans love him for his nasal voice singing and it is unique but melodious. Blink 182 got worldwide success and whatever they released was loved by one and all. If one career isn’t enough he has got another successful clothing line. He is also a film producer and handling his work as a UFO researcher too.



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Tom DeLonge was born on December 13th, 1957 in California. He is 45 years old currently and has led a simple and fun childhood. Even though he is raised in a middle-class house his dreams were big. His father used to work in an oil company while his mother was working as a mortgage broker. During his teens, he started singing for the choirs in church and also learned to play guitar. He started composing songs for his siblings that were like a Christmas treat for them. Tom spends most of the years of his childhood while skateboarding. When he was in high school his parents got divorced and he started taking interest in music.

Career and Business ventures

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Tom formed a band with other mates that were named Blink-182. Nearly all the songs and albums they released became a hit worldwide. Here are some of the songs they have released as a band.

  • What’s my age again?
  • Adam’s song
  • All the small things
  • Dammit
  • The rock show
  • Feeling this
  • Stay together for the kids
  • Not now
  • Man overboard
  • Anthem part two

If music is one career that he was dealing with being an entrepreneur was also his passion. He invested in a clothing brand and almost all the clothes he made were sold out. If this isn’t enough he has also been an active researcher for UFO. He firmly believed that aliens do exist. There is aerospace that used to fill up with people when they went to space. Being a successful musician he used to gain money sales from the songs the group released.

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Personal Relationships and Net worth

Tom has been dating Jennifer for a long time and they finally got married in 2001. The marriage couldn’t last long as they broke up in 2009. They are blessed with two children and love to spend time with them even after divorce. The total net worth of Tom has been $70 million. He got this net worth through a lot of professions that include songwriting, singing, film producer, and musician.

The real estate of Tom has been huge as he has got more than one house in the country. The area of the houses is spread on a wide range of 2,800 square feet. He leads a lavish life as he is one of the richest celebrities in the entertainment industry.

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