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David Allan Coe Net Worth, Bio, Career, Age, Relationships & More

David Allen Coe is a popular American songwriter, singer, and guitarist. He has gained a big amount of net worth thanks to his talent and hard work. He was one of the most prominent artists in the 1970s and 1980s.His biggest hit songs include The Ride, Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile, you Never Even Called Me by My Name, Longhaired Redneck and She Used to Love Me a Lot. It is not surprising that he has given huge hits during his career. His melodious voice is pleasing to hear and that’s how he has garnered a lot of appreciation. The young generation can learn a lot from him. If you want to know more details about this talented artist here is it below:

Bio and Early Life

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David Allen Coe was born on 6th September 1939 in Akron, Ohio. He is 82 years old currently. Since his childhood he had a lot of interest in music. As he spend most of the time in prison and reform schools he started writing songs. He was very much inclined to blues style that later changed into country music. While being a child his music inspiration came from Johnny ace.

Relationships and Personal life

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David had to complete a prison term in 1968. After that he embarked on the music journey. He started performing on the streets and of Shelby Singleton was inspired by him. Shelby had a prominent record label named Plantation Records. It didn’t take much time for them to sign a contract together. Tyler Mahan Coe is his son and he has created a lot of country music for the worldwide fans. He also has one daughter Shelli Coe Mackie while he is the father-in-law of the late Michael Mackie. His son in law worked for a prominent band named ‘Thunderosa’.

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Music career

David has given a lot of hit singles and albums in his career. Most of the songs have peaked high on the Billboard chart. He got a lot of recognition worldwide through his music.  Castles in a sand marked the start of commercial success. This album spent a lot of weeks on the Billboard Country music chart. He has penned most of the songs himself and got a lot of awards too. Here are some of his hit singles and albums:


  • Underground album
  • Nothing sacred
  • Rides again
  • The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy
  • One upon a rhyme


Here are some popular songs

  • Would you lay with me?
  • If that isn’t country
  • Long haired red neck
  • Now I lay me down to cheat
  • Divers do it deeper
  • Jody like a melody

Net Worth

The total net worth of David happens to be around $10 million. His major source of income is country music. He is among the richest celebrities in the world. The young generation is learning from him and look up to him for achieving the best. David leads a luxurious life and loves to interact with his fans on the social media.

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