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Tips for Planning a Dream Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

Nature is beautiful in all its forms. The tall grey mountains, free-flowing blue river and seas, lush green fields, flat-surfaced landscapes, hot deserts, all these are nature’s shapes and patterns. We all love excursions and adventure trips to different places. Some love to visit beaches while others want to climb up the mountains. The idea of an adventure trip varies from person to person. It is indeed a mesmerizing experience to hike onto the hills. A journey to smoky mountains is not as simple as you might imagine.

Since this journey involves many obstacles and hurdles, you should have the right guidance to smoothly and pleasantly accomplish this trip. Besides, it is a rough ride, and you must have plenty of motivation to enjoy your journey truly! If you want to plan a dream trip to the smoky mountains, we have some excellent tips for you!

Weather and Climate Conditions

Before planning any trip, one must consider the weather and climate conditions to avoid any unexpected event. The most appropriate times to visit the Great Smoky Mountains are the summer and the autumn. The busiest month of summer is July,and autumn is October. Since the park has a diverse landscape, temperatures can vary by up to twenty degrees from the mountain base to the top. So, keep a handful of jackets and sweaters irrespective of what time of the year you visit this place.

There are many different types of accommodations available all year in the different areas of Tennessee. For instance, if you are near Gatlinburg in the summertime, it would be a lifetime experience if you choose to rent a cabin. By searching Gatlinburg Cabins with Pools, you will find a couple of good options.

In winter, temperatures reach up to the mid-30s, along with road closures. Fall foliage displays usually start in mid-September, when summer crowds are over, and the accommodation rates are pretty low, encouraging visitors to come. However, you will encounter high accommodation rates in October, weekends especially. During the early spring season, some fewer visitors result in low accommodation rates. So, before you plan a trip, go through the weather guide thoroughly. Some people have fun in summers, while others prioritize going there in winters.

Reach Early in the Morning

Witnessing wildlife is one of the main reasons people plan a holiday in the Smoky Mountains. For animal lovers, it is a perfect destination because you see a contrasting variety of animals. Since people are unaware of when to spot the animals, they tend to miss seeing many of them. Waking up early to venture into the Smokies is a fantastic idea! Many animals are corpuscular, which means that they are active in the morning and dusk. You have your ultimate chance to discover wildlife during morning hours. Ensure to pull off the main roadway and keep a safe distance when viewing wildlife.

An early start facilitates you avoid the rush of sightseers in the afternoon at famous locations like Clingman’s Dome. You can enjoy a sunrise from the state line or the waterfall in the early morning sunshine. Indeed, it feels like heaven on earth! Early morning adventures are blissful and ambrosial.

Proper Dress

Your clothing can decide about your first hiking in the Smoky Mountains experience. The trick is to prepare for how the weather will be when you are at the mountain base and follow how the temperature and climate might change the higher elevation you go. Wear lightweight and water-resistant clothes. You should keep weight to a minimum, especially if you are new to hiking and can’t carry a backpack for long. Lightweight garments don’t mean that you forget to pack a few layers or jackets because the temperature gets harsh and freezing as you go to a considerable height. Avoid wearing Nylon fabric, cotton, or denim.

Hiking Shoes

Your shoes are the most essential and crucial accessory of your attire when you go hiking in the smoky mountains. Your boots should be comfortable to allow you to walk freely for few hours, and they should be long-lasting enough to withstand the roughness of the terrains on trails. One should prefer to wear hiking shoes or tennis shoes because you can conveniently lace them up to provide a tight grip. For socks, we suggest the thicker, the better. Nothing is worse than lousy quality, thin socks that can tear up quickly and leave blisters while walking.

Do Not Forget the Essentials

Hiking in the Smoky Mountains is way more than an ordinary walk. So it would help if you prepared yourself by packing a few essentials to keep up your energy level and assure your safety.

For the first hiking experience, visitors can bring the following items:

  • Keep a compass when hiking in the Smoky Mountains Light jacket
  • A Sunscreen
  • A Bug spray
  • An Extra water bottle
  • Protein bar to give you an instant energy
  • Small first-aid kit
  • A Flashlight
  • A Map

Where to Begin the Hike?

There are over 100 different hiking trails to choose from for your first hike in the Smoky Mountains. These trails have different impacts on the visitors; some tracks are rugged while others are smooth and straight. You can decide your route depending upon your stamina and drive. We usually suggest that starters should take an easy way to enjoy their hike. Otherwise, they will feel disappointed and gloomy. They can explore other tracks on their next visit.

Even if you are perfectly fit and healthy, don’t take the chance of picking a rough track. Save this adventure for another time!


We are sure that this brief guide has improved your knowledge about the hiking experience in the smoky mountains. And it must be on your to-do list by now! Fuel up yourself with the right attitude, essentials and plan! Stay positive and motivated, don’t stress over if you fail at accomplishing your target. Just breathe in and breathe out!

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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