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Matt Hardy Says Released WWE Star Is ‘Like A Son’ To Vince McMahon

Bray Wyatt is popular for creating charismatic and iconic characters during his time with WWE. It brings a unique and different feel to the traditional WWE products. This is the reason why his popularity is increasing with time. He has eventually become one of the top stars of WWE and there is no looking back. There is no doubt he has brought a different feel to the WWE products, from the Eater of Worlds to the Fiend. Here is more about this superstar:

Vince McMahon considers Bray Wyatt Very Special

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Bray Wyatt has not only become a top star at WWE, but holds a special place in Vince McMahon’s heart too. According to Matt Hardy, Vince considers him as a son that is very heartwarming. Vince has a unique way of showing his love and respect for the top wrestling star.

“Bray has always had a very strange relationship with Vince, very strange,” Hardy said during the latest episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.” “I almost feel like Vince looked at him like a son in some ways.

When he would do things he liked, he would love him and he would really give him everything that he could possibly give him, and bend over backward to try and accommodate him. But then when he did something he didn’t like, he became hated, like he was going to lock him away for good’’. He further continues:

“It was almost like a really strange and different duality that Vince shared with Bray. When he liked him or loved him, he was all about him, but when he disliked him, oh my god, it was really bad. He would punish him and insult him, it was so strange. It was almost like a parent. It would almost be like how Reby disciplines the kids.”

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Bray Released By WWE in 2021

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With the rising popularity of Bray everyone expected him to be a part of WWE for long. However things are turning out to be different. To add some more confusion to this situation, Bray was released by WWE in 2021. He is yet to find a home in the wrestling business again. Even his fans have been disappointed to know about this shocking revelation.

Everyone wanted to have more of his performances inside the ring against the top stars. However he is remaining as a free agent since a year and counting. The strange part is that he is totally silent about his WWE run and even the exit from the company. It’s still not clear what will be next for him. According to the latest rumors he may become a part of AEW. Another rumor suggests that he is asking for a big price to join AEW. Let’s wait and see what’s in store for him.

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