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Air Botswana Contact & Other Important Details

Air Botswana has been catering to the needs of many passengers and is a flag carrier of Botswana Headquarters. It is a popular African Airline that has been serving five African countries.  Headquarters is located at Gabarone, Botswana and the domestic flights are scheduled and operated from there. The airlines are highly rated due to their stability, sturdy economy and outstanding or transparent administration.

They have built a good reputation among the passengers as they offer high-quality facilities and services. Once you book a flight with them you will be happy to see their good performance. The aviation industry is a part of the country’s economy and Air Botswana has been doing it with success. If you want the contact details and other important information about the Airlines read on below:

Services of Air Botswana

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Air Botswana has been offering quality services to the passengers. They have got the perfect technicians that take care of the planes and keep them in top condition. The overnight checking of the planes makes sure that the passengers remain safe when the flight is on board. The best thing is that they keep all the necessary equipment in the flight so there are no issues. The maintenance control center also makes sure that the flight boards on time and there are no problems with any part of the plane.

Airlines have also continued their services for accommodating and carrying the cargo throughout the week when flights are going. Passengers are offer hygienic and fresh food throughout the journey. The cold and hot beverages along with tasty snacks will keep you full while the music and movies will keep you entertained even if you are bored. The air hostesses are there for help and they will solve any issue if the passengers are suffering from any problems.

Almost hundred of passengers are taken on one flight every time and their safety is the topmost priority of the airlines. As the airlines are only offering their services for African countries you can avail the services only if you reside in Africa. The reservation office of the airline is also offering high-quality services as they care about the customer relationship. The sales staff usually takes care of the reservations and booking of flights. In case you want to cancel your ticket they will do that for you with a refund.

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Air Botswana Head Office

The head office of Air Botswana is in Gaborone and below you can find the address and phone number of the head office.

Office Address

As we have already discussed that the location of the office is in Gaborone and the airport address can be checked below. It will be easy for you to get in touch with them when you have their address and phone number.

Address: Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, P O Box 92 Gaborone – Botswana.

Telephone and Fax Number

If you are interested in getting to know about the telephone and Fax Number here are the details:

Contact Number: +267 3688400 and if this number doesn’t work +267 3952812 you can use this number for reservations and any other important information.

Fax Number: +267 3974802

Group Booking Contact

If you’re traveling within a group of at least 12 passengers or more you can always get a quick response from the airline. You can email them on Group booking to get discounted airfares.

Email address:  [email protected]
[email protected]

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