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Things to consider before buying a Huawei smart phone

Is buying a Chinese phone worth it? What materials are used? Is there a quality control? How are your phones tested? Do you really have thousands of Chinese huddled together working non-stop in dark factories? These are some questions that can affect your decision. And it is that the Chinese brand has known how to break through and differentiate itself from the rest of the brands originating in its country. His bet has been very clear: not to follow others, forge his own path and do everything possible to offer differentiated experiences.

Manufacturing process in Huawei factory

Huawei invests about 200 million dollars a year to develop new manufacturing quality standards and improve the quality of its products. The quality control in this factory is impeccable and the processes that the robots do are unbelievable, from the assembly of some parts of the phone – such as putting the motherboard and its circuits or manipulating the processors until the final step. In this factory, the phones also undergo some tests, such as durability and security – which can take up to 10 hours – and in some of these processes, the phones are subjected to temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius. There is also a small booth that draws a lot of attention, because in it there is an employee testing the sound of cell phones with headphones. Read more about usb power adapter.

Innovation and Huawei

The brand is a long way from what many Chinese brands do – copy. Currently, Huawei is one of the three big brands that develop their own processors. Its most recent proof that it can create technology to improve our user experience is the Hisilicon Kirin 970 chipset – included in the Mate 10. It is the first chip with an integrated neural processor to enable it with artificial intelligence. In this way, the phone can detect things without having to connect to the cloud to obtain information. Thanks to that, it can recognize more than 100 million images. It can also recognize things or scenes to suggest one of the 13 modes that its camera has and use machine learning to optimize the use of the phone.

It is worth adding the associations that the brand currently has. The most important is with Leica, the prestigious German brand with which it works to create the cameras of its high-end phones. Go through the Huawei p30 lite review to know how sincere and innovative Huawei is regarding smart phone technology.

Experience and you

Huawei was not born as a company that manufactures cell phones and tablets. Its main business is telecommunications. Huawei uses all the experience it has in its antenna and telecommunications business to create telephones with excellent voice and data connection capabilities, equipping them with a wide variety of mobile frequency bands so that they can be used in many countries without any problem. With increasingly better-built phones and top-quality materials, Huawei is betting on providing its customers and users with a better cost-benefit ratio without forcing them to change their cell phone every year.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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