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How to make your own IGTV series on Instagram

The popularity of sequels and web series on OTT platforms and social media has led to a surge in new creators wanting to explore the space.

This calls for experimentation with the help of creativity, as the audience is getting accustomed to new mediums while being open to all sorts of video content, regardless of the format.

It’s also a huge personal branding opportunity for entrepreneurs and free marketing opportunity for small and growing businesses.

One of the most significant impacts that changed the way we share video content on social media platforms was when Instagram introduced IGTV videos. It brought the vertical video format to the limelight while encouraging creators to create videos that are meant for smartphone users.

Creators and brands around the world started to innovate different ways to make the most of the format. Today, IGTV is used to post long-form videos that can range up to 60 minutes when uploaded from the web and 10 minutes when uploaded from a mobile device. Let us understand how to make your own IGTV series on Instagram.

Start with a plan

Whenever you ideate a video series regardless of the platform, you must have a plan mapped out for the smooth execution of the videos. Once you have brainstormed the ideas and you have the scripts in place you need to plan out a content calendar that highlights the days your videos are supposed to roll out one after the other along with timelines of different stages of video making to get the production moving ahead.

This will keep a check on the consistency while making sure the quality of the IGTV series is not compromised. You need to calculate the time taken for the process of scripting, planning, filming, and video editing into consideration before you put it on the calendar. Do not forget to put in a few breather dates in case things go south. Once you have your plan, trust yourself and dive right in. This will inculcate a discipline of creating good video content on IGTV.

Create a storyboard

A storyboard is a great tool to keep the process of creating a video aligned with the script. It is a shot-by-shot visual breakdown of every frame that is set to appear on the screen. A storyboard is extremely helpful while filming a video and while editing it. It becomes a reference point or a guidebook that maintains continuity and while making sure that all shots are moving according to plan.

Since a storyboard has the shots sketched out, it helps every department be ready ahead of the shot—it becomes the most sought-after tool on a set to keep everyone on the same page. This synchronization is important on a film set for the ease of creating videos. The storyboard also helps you to keep track of the shots that are supposed to be filmed.

A good storyboard has directions for the camera and the actor’s movement, depicted by drawing an arrow. It keeps a check for the props required in the scene, thereby helping the art director maintain the visual continuity.

Film your episodes

The most important part of creating your own IGTV series on Instagram is to have an episode bank. Keeping an episode bank and filming your episodes ahead of the posting schedule will help you be consistent without fail, while giving you the room to rectify your errors in time. Filming your episodes will give you a sense of stability and build the confidence required to build a video series.

You won’t have to worry about filming if you have a content bank that’s ahead of the editing process, giving you a breather, as a result, you will find your work to be more creative and liberating. The way you create your video will be reflected in the IGTV video series as well. Audiences nowadays are aware of the efforts put in by the creators and can sense authenticity by a mile.

There are a few tools that you must use while filming to get superior quality output in your IGTV video series:


You must not neglect sound, as it forms an essential part of the audience’s experience of watching your IGTV video. Microphones like a boom mic and wireless lavalier mic can be super helpful to cater to a wide variety of scenes, depending on the requirement.


The subject in your videos needs to be lit to enhance the overall look of a single frame. Lighting must work according to the mood of a scene. You can use mini LED ring light, or professional LED lights depending on the scale of the production.

Gimbal and Tripod

Some shots that have sudden movements and jerks need to be compensated by a Gimbal. It allows for smooth movements in a shot that looks beautiful to the viewer. On the other hand, a tripod can be used when you have to take a stable shot to maintain the same level throughout, with limited movements.

Easy Video Editor

You must choose a video editor that gives you the most value while providing you with a smooth user interface. You can easily customize and personalize your videos using a free online video editor that provides you with a wide range of templates, along with super cool free filters, effects, and transitions.

Customize and personalize

There is no fun in creating your own IGTV series on Instagram if you don’t personalize it. Personalizing your IGTV videos will give the audience a perspective about who you are and what your brand stands for. This will connect you to the audience while keeping you relevant and relatable. You must always try to keep a brand tone in all your videos so that people can find the similarities among individual videos from the series.

Keeping a personal touch and maintaining the brand tone all over the IGTV series will leave a long-lasting impact on the audience. This will help you get a grip on your audience for future videos.

Upload on IGTV

Once you’re done with the video editing and packaging of the video. You need to upload it on IGTV and let the world finally consume your video content. Once you upload more than one IGTV video you can create a series by tapping on “Add to series”. Repeat the same process over and over as you keep uploading exciting content on your IGTV series.

Promote your series

When your video is posted on Instagram, all you need to do is promote it across all your social media platforms to increase reach and engagement. You can also promote it using the swipe-up feature on an Instagram story and marketing it using Instagram promotion tools. You can have a lot of creative people that talk about the series across platforms that redirect the audience to your IGTV series.

Ready to make your own IGTV series?

Now that you have ample knowledge about making your own IGTV series on Instagram, put your creative foot forward and be consistent in taking your brand forward.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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