biggest price drops smartphone
biggest price drops smartphone, Image Source (techcrunch)

The time has arrived to review the best smartphones of this fall. Also this time we show you, based on our reviews and test data, four tips per category for the best smartphones you can buy. This time: the smartphones that have fallen the most in price.

Those four categories are unchanged from last time, but have been given a slightly clearer name: “The best value for money”, “The best battery life”, “The best”, telephones that distinguish themselves by being the best in some areas , and ‘Price drops’, for bargain hunters who do not necessarily want the newest of the newest. With these tips you can hopefully enjoy the best phone you can buy this fall.

The biggest price drop since the previous guide came out is the LG Q60At that time it cost around 210 euros, now it is less than 140 euros. That is, if you calculate quickly, a decrease of about a third and that is exceptional in this price range. LG has more price drops in its range because the G8s ThinQ and Q7 have also become considerably cheaper in recent months.