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These 5 Originals will help Netflix win the war against Disney Plus

Disney’s Disney Plus has been in the spotlight since its inception. Disney has been prepping Disney Plus as the future of their company for a long time now and they began pulling Disney originals from Netflix long before. Netflix’s model of offering an extremely flexible streaming service was a huge hit. And Netflix dominated the streaming market for years. But, Disney Plus is nowhere to challenge them for the throne. And looking at the numbers, Disney Plus is not coming slow.

But things are not all dull and gloom for Netflix. There are changes and improvements that Netflix can implement that can aid them in this war. But their strongest bet is their popular originals with their huge fan followings. This article from dailywireless maps it all out perfectly but we’ll be taking a more brief look of it.

1- Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers have given us a remarkable piece of science fiction horror show that has hooked adults and children alike. Sadly, Stranger Things next season is supposed to be its last but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the occasional reruns. Stranger Things is among the few Netflix originals that is not only popular but of pristine quality as well. You will enjoy every minute of it. And if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll get to see it for the first time.

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2- Dark

On paper, the premise of Dark might seem similar to that of Stranger Things but believe me when I say this, the two are nothing alike. Dark is a German crime thriller Netflix original that revolves around 4 families in a town. The dark secrets and mysteries of the families come to light when two children go missing, setting some grand events in motion. Twists, puzzles, mysteries and certain very dark elements is what makes this show an extremely addictive one.

3- Le Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Le Casa de Papel became a global phenomenon soon after its release. This Spanish crime drama series features a criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor”. The Professor wants to pull off the biggest heist in history and recruits those eight people who will stop at nothing to get away with as much money as possible. The series was initially intended to be just a two-part limited series but its popularity and success brought it back for more. Le Casa de Papel is a must-watch for anyone out there.

4- Mindhunter

Two FBI agents, in the early 90s, take upon themselves to creating a special branch of the bureau that studies serial killers. These two FBI agents travel all over the country interviewing serial killers who’d make your skin crawl. Taking inspiration from actual interviews of these characters, Mindhunter puts together creepy yet amazing performances and some very graphic images in order to explore the mind of a serial killer. The show hasn’t been officially confirmed for a third season yet but it is very positive track certainly flips the odds in its favor.

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5- The Witcher

The Witcher is set to be released on December 20th so we can’t officially rule the verdict on whether the Witcher will be good enough to attract audiences from Disney to Netflix. The Witcher is a fantasy drama series based on the book by Andrzej Sapkowski that tells the story of Geralt, a monster hunter. The success of the video game The Witcher 3 might be the perfect catalyst to attract fans towards Netflix for this upcoming show. 

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