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Theo James Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career & Relationships

Theo James is an English actor, director, producer, and musician who have a huge net worth. His talent and skills have been loved by all the audiences. He loves to choose diverse roles and at a young age, he has got it all. Despite being a part of several professions he tries hard to give equal time to each one of them. Most of the fans know him for starring in the divergent series film trilogy. Here we have all details regarding the personal and professional life of Theo James.

Early Life

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Theo James was born on 16th December 1984 and he is 36 years old currently. As a child, he spent quality time with his parents in Buckinghamshire. He completed his education at the University of Nottingham and pursued his degree in philosophy. He had a keen interest in acting since he was young. Even though he has got all the talent he still went ahead and went to the acting school. It helped him gain experience and knowledge about acting. He made his acting debut in ‘’Passionate women’’ and impressed one and all. Many fans love him as he is tall and has a perfect physique.

Personal Life

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Theo James is a committed man and he has been with one lady since 2009. He is dating Ruth Kearney who is an Irish actress. Many people in the media have revealed that they met in the theater of acting. However, he is a private person and likes to keep things private. Many fans convince him that he should have his personal social media account. He feels that privacy comes first. If he joins social media he would probably have a large fan following by now.

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Career and Success

All of his fans must be aware that Theo made his acting debut in ‘A passionate Women’’.Due to his popularity, he bagged the lead role in Bedlam. The role he played got all the instant attention from all corners. Apart from that he also started to get offers from TV and did many prominent roles in various shows. Even though his career has been giving him fixed schedules James likes to dedicate a lot of time to the music. His passion for music is massive and he loves to listen to songs of different genres. Here is a list of TV shows that he has done so far.

  • Room at the Top
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Bedlam
  • Golden Boy

Net Worth and Salary

Theo has a total net worth of $20 million and he has earned this entire amount throughout his career. He has got an annual income of $2 million and that will keep rising. The number of projects in his kitty is increasing and so will his income. He is fond of cars and has an Audi 8 in his garage. The tall English actor has got all the name and fame thanks to his talent and love from fans. He is a seasoned actor and has won quite a few awards too and they have inspired him to do better.

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