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The Expanse Sixth Season, Plot, Cast, Release Date & Other Details

The expanse is a top-rated sci-fi and space drama that airs on Amazon. Fans are very happy to know that the series has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season. Season five isn’t even released yet but the renewal has made everyone very excited. There are few shows which make a mark as expanse did. The drama has an unusual plot and that is why it has gained a lot of attention from worldwide fans. We have gathered a lot of important information regarding the expanse.

What are the new updates on the expanse season six?

expanse 2

The expanse is created and directed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. They have recently revealed that season six will be the finale of the series. It made the first season debut on Syfy and ran on the cable television network for more than two seasons. Due to the popularity of the series, Amazon picked up the series in 2018. The Hugo-award winning show has soon become very popular among different age groups. The sad part is that the sixth season is going to be the last one. Everyone will miss the show a lot. The series has been appreciated for its tight script and storyline and even the direction is really good.

What is the plot of the expanse season six?

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The expanse is set during the 24th century and revolves around a colony in the solar system. The relationship between mars, earth, and even Asteroid Belt is filled with tension. However, the situation has become very dangerous and there is no way out. There is a crew that boards for their adventure and reach the solar system.

The illegal technology can destroy the entire system and they are under a lot of threat. You will be surprised to know that the expanse is adapted from science fiction novels. The sci-fi novels are written and planned by James S.A Corey. The director and maker due have won the prestigious Oscar for it. There are a lot of twists and turns we can expect in the fifth and sixth seasons.

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Who is in the cast of the expanse season six?

The cast of expense season six will be a lot similar to previous seasons. According to the latest rumors, Cas Anvar will not reprise his role as the Martian pilot Alex. Due to the recent controversies surrounding him, it’s natural why he is excluded from the cast. There are many fans and co-actors who have experienced sexual harassment from him. It is not surprising why Alcon Studios have taken this decision as multiple reports were sent to them. The rest of the cast members are mentioned below:

  • Steven Strait
  • Cas Anvar
  • Dominique Tipper
  • Wes Chatham

What is the release date of the expanse season six?

The expanse season six will be aired sometime in the next year. The season will be released first and the first three episodes will be available on Amazon Prime Video. It will release on December 16th, 2020 and you can enjoy it as soon as it comes out. Are you excited to watch the new season? Don’t forget to give your comments in the section below!

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