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The Weekend: Review, Cast, Plot and All You Need To Know

The Weekend is a romantic comedy that has been made under a small budget. The Hulu original movie had a limited theatrical release and managed to make a mark on Hulu. The film has a lot of views on Hulu and the audience cannot stop praising about it. The film has a warm feel to it and has a lot of humor that makes you entertained all through the movie. The movie has been written by Stella Meghie and has written her third project but the film is less impact as compared to her previous projects. Let’s get to know more about the film.

The Weekend: Quick Review

The movie has predictable twists and turns and one can easily judge what is going to happen next in the film. The film focuses on the character of Zadie and her boyfriend who are seen to have lingering feelings for each other. The film follows a predictable path where we witness the couple to reconcile and revive their love for each other.

The one-liners used in the film are not impressive and don’t leave any impact on the audience. The humor in the movie is flat and you wouldn’t enjoy the humor in the film at all. Zadie is a no-nonsense girl and she is jealous of her ex-boyfriends’ current girlfriend. She keeps on saying mean things to her all the time which may be detestable to the audience.

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The Weekend: Is It Worth Watching?

The Weekend is quite different from most of the romantic comedies that you will see on the entertainment platforms. The film opens up with Zadie talking about her lingering feelings for her boyfriend and how she cannot let go of him. You will often witness characters in the movie laughing in the room which seems baseless and senseless sometimes.

Who is in the cast of The Weekend?

the weekend

The cast of The Weekend includes:

What is the plot of The Weekend?

We meet the lead character Zadie at a comedy club along with her ex-boyfriend. The ex-couple is seen maintaining a harmonious relationship with each other after breaking up. Zadie’s boyfriend Brandon brings along his new girlfriend Margo along with him at the club and both the women are seen trying to catch the attention of Brandon.

We can sense from the initial scenes of the movie that the ex-couple have some unresolved feelings for each other and they cannot let go of each other. A good looking bachelor arrives at the resort and Zadie and Aubrey hit it off instantly. Brad starts to get jealous of them and wants Zadie to get back together with her.

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What is the release date of The Weekend?

The Weekend released on September 11 2018 and had its theatrical release in 2019. The movie is also available on Netflix and other entertainment platforms. The movie had its world premiere in Toronto World Film Festival.

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