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The Watch Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

The watch is an American television series that is soon coming out on BBC America. It will revolve around a group of cops who are going out of the way to save the world. The network officially announced the arrival of the watch when the Newyork comic-con came to an end. They released some exciting videos and it looks like that the series is going to be a great one.

It is going to be a fun and entertaining ride altogether. The watch is inspired and adapted by Discworld books and they all are written by famous British author Sir Terry. The team of cops will surely win your heart and you will enjoy what they are doing to save the world. Let’s look at more details.

Review on the plot and characters of the Watch

watch 2

The watch will revolve around a team of cops and they are working hard to save the world. They are named as City watch and they are passionate about saving the world and make it a better place. The fantasy series has all the thrill and suspense elements that will make you interested since the first episode itself. There are wizards, trolls and supernatural powers surrounding the world and the cops must have good ideas to save the world, or else it will be destroyed.

There are many iconic characters that you will witness within the series. Captain Sam Vimes is an interesting police officer though he is drunk and angry most of the time. Richard Dormer is going to take on the character of Vimes. The direction of the series is really good and the frequent suspenseful twists will steal your heart and soul. There are many other interesting star cast members in the series and their names are as follows:

  • Lady Sybil Ramkin, played by Lara Rossi
  • Carrot played by Adam Hugill
  • Angua, played by Marama Corlett,
  • Cheery played by Jo Eaton Kent.

In addition to these interesting characters, the famous actor Wendell Prince will be joining the cast. The interesting details are that he is going to give his voice to the grim reaper. Matt Barry will give his voice for the talking sword which is going to be very interesting.

Is there an official trailer for the watch?

watch 3

Recently the makers have released a trailer for the watch and we must say it is already winning many hearts. There is a group of policemen and even if they look misfit due to some reasons they know how to do their duty very well. The enemies like wizards and other creatures are threatening the existence of the world and people in general. Do they really have what the heroes have? The trailer has already raised many eyebrows and people are thinking about how the story will turn out. If you are really a fan of Discworld novels you should tune into the series as soon as it releases.

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What is the release date of the watch?

The watch is an eight-part series and the new season will definitely win your heart. The interesting story and well-written characters will make you watch the entire series in one go. According to some reports, there are people who are not really happy with the series. They have complained that the series has not been adapted well and most of the things are missing. The series will premiere on January 3rd, 2021.

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