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The Vigil Review, Plot, Trailer, Characters & Other Updates

The vigil is a horror film and you will find it hard to determine what is real or what is challenging. Usually, we witness that religious rituals have always taken over the themes and plot of horror movies. There are many people who don’t believe in supernatural elements but while they watch such movies they do get scared and think about these things more often. Vigil has been directed by a newcomer named Keith Thomas and he offers a new perspective keeping in mind Jewish faith. The exorcists and their practices are quite challenging and when these things come into picture people do enjoy watching them. In this post, we will review a popular horror film named Vigil so catch up with all the details below.

What is the Vigil all about?

Vigil 2

Vigil is a horror film that revolves around supernatural practices. The character of Yavoc is very interesting and as he is unemployed he gets entangled into some evil happenings. Yavoc is played by a very prominent actor named Dave Davis from Bomb City and Walking dead. He has given a great performance and you will fall in love with his character too. Although Yavoc is unemployed one day he is offered a $400 job and he acts as a shomer for the night. He had to cover a weird job where he had to take care of the dead body until dawn and things get creepy from here. Yavoc enters his house in the Boro Park Jewish neighborhood and when he comes to protect the dead body he meets Litvak’s widow.

She is suffering from dementia and decided to settle him for one night without disturbing him. Yavoc mental stability as well as faith is tested by a series of events. He remembers the series of horror and assault he had to face in his own childhood. The fears he has to face in this house and his childhood put him into a lot of pressure. Just like the lead character audience will try to find out what is real and what is not and he has to exploit his fears in all the circumstances. The shooting has been done quite beautifully and the nightmares scenes that are portrayed in the film are beautiful. Yavoc is not exactly an interesting character rather he has a lot of shades and layers inside him.

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Who is in the cast of Vigil?

Vigil 3

The cast of Vigil has made the film which it is today and the performances are to look out for. The film is directed by Keith Thomas and the scenes are brilliant to watch. Though the cast of the film is limited their performances are high quality and their expressions in the horror scenes are applaud-able. The film stars the following actors and they all are quite prominent.

  • Dave Davis
  • Menashe Lustig
  • Malky Goldman
  • Lynn Cohen

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What is the release date of Vigil?

Vigil is one of the most anticipated movies of today’s time and it will be released on July 31st, 2020. The concept of the movie is quite different from the regular movies and you can watch it as soon as it comes out. It has been getting good reviews from critics and makers are expecting that it will do a great business at the box office too.

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