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Cobra Kai: What’s In Store For The Fans?

Cobra Kai Season 2 has ended and the fans of the show are waiting for the next season soon. The last episode of the show left us with a lot of sudden shocks, as we saw Miguel flying off the first-floor railing right after he showed mercy to him. Miguel’s fall was one of the most shocking things that happened at West Valley High. The fans are wondering if the kid will survive or not. Let’s get to know more about the future story of the show.

Cobra Kai Spoilers

The following paragraph will have a lot of spoilers so read on if you are curious about the future story of the show. The show will have some major plot points and the fans will watch a lot of exciting stuff ahead in the coming days. So Is there anyone dying in the show? Miguel is critically injured and he is in a coma. He is breathing but is badly injured with a bad and broken back. In season 3 we might see him die but there might be chances of his survival as well. The latest we hear is that Johnny’s old friend might die on the show. The actor Rob Garrison has passed away in real life after his character died on the show.

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Major Characters in Cobra Kai

Main Characters

There is no main character dying on Cobra Kai yet, but, we might see Miguel dying and he could be the first one to die on the show.

Side Characters

Tommy, who is one of the villains on the show in the original The Karate Kid will die in the series. The villain was popular for being the most vindictive of the Cobra Kai gang which is a trait that he shared with Dutch. So far we will saw one person dying on the show and Johnny’s longtime friend, Tommy played by Robert Scott Garrison. The bald older that we see on the Cobra Kai is the cheeky little teenager who was a part of the original Karate Kid.

When will Miguel die in Cobra Kai?


Robby is Johnny’s son but Johnny is not the real father and is the surrogate father to Miguel. Robby is seen living with the LaRusso family. In season 2 of Cobra Kai Miguel and Sam have broken up and they are dating other partners Tory and Robby, respectively. West Valley High has turned into a battleground and the soldiers pitching around are commonly seen. Miguel injured and we might see him dead in season 3 of the show.

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About Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is a YouTube revival series and features the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). The story is similar to the hit 80s martial arts film The Karate Kid. The show is set 35 years back and reprises the first Karate Kid movie’s events once again.  The show follows the story of Daniel and Johnny and they are seen competing with each other.

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