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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run 2020 Release Date and Cast, Plot, Budget, Trailer

Sponge on the Run is an exciting movie which is coming out very soon to entice all the fans from different parts of the world. Nowadays there is a lot of trend among people to watch exciting animation movies. Not only children but their parents are also interested in watching it. If you plan to spend quality family time then take your children to the cinemas near you. We know you must want to know the details of the movie as well. So let’s discuss everything below.

Get to know about the exciting plot

You must have heard about the animated television series Sponge Bob Square pants and this movie has been adapted from the series and is here to attract the viewers. It is a film which boasts of comedy and live-action genre. The exciting story revolves around the lovely pet of SpongeBob who is snail napped so he and his friend Patrick leave on a journey and come across an adventure to bring back home the beloved pet named Gary. The lost city of Atlantic City is the place where they go to look out for Gary. The story has been written very well and we can expect a fun ride all throughout the movie. The coordination between all the characters is very cute and you will love every one of them. The way Patrick takes care of Gary is the thing to look forward too.

When did the filming of the movie start?

The filming of the movie started in January 2019 and it has now been heard that all the animated sequences are going to be computer-based. The film will be releasing in real 3D instead of 2D.

Television series spin off?

A SpongeBob square pant is an exciting television series and many people have loved to watch it. There is exciting news for all fans that SpongeBob movie is adapted from this television series. The developments and making of the movie are going to take some time as many graphics and computer-based animations are involved in the making.

The cast of Sponge on the run

Whenever an animated movie is made the voiceover from the actors is very important as it portrays the emotions and delivers it to the people in a very good way. The cast of this movie consists of Keanu Reeves, Clancy Brown, Tom Kenny, Awkwafina, Lori Alan, Mary Jo, Lawrence, Jill and many other supporting cast members. The director of the film is Tim hill and the screenwriters are Tim Hill and Jonathan and they have done a great job. Keanu Reeves fans are normally excited whenever he signs for a new role and this time the trailer and voice over is making them even more excited.

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Trailer and Budget

The trailer of SpongeBob movie was released a few months ago and it received great reviews from people. People who have watched the television series already know about the plot a little bit but new viewers are more curious to know what’s in store for them. The budget of the movie is $74 million and makers have worked very hard to make the movie interesting. The budget is of a high level so for the movie to do well the box office collections should be high.

Release date

The SpongeBob is going to be released on 22nd May 2020. There have been many changes in the release dates but this is the final day when the film is going to release. Don’t forget to go to the cinemas to watch the movie with your family.

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