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The Rock Has Five New Half Siblings & Bayley’s Return To WWE

Pro Wrestling features more than one royal family. Recently Sports Illustrated has reported that one of the wrestling families is getting bigger and better. The series of DNA tests is revealing something interesting. There are a total of 5 children by ‘Soul Man’’ Rocky Johnson. He is the father of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The lengthy profile features a lot of details about the five adults in general. It features a journey that discovers their bond altogether. You will be surprised to know that it happens through various DNA tests, phone calls and documentaries. Here are more details to this story:

Five Half Siblings Of ‘The Rock’

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All the fans will be surprised to know that all the children of Rocky Johnson doesn’t have any problem with their half-brother. Here is what Adrian Bowles has to say about it:

“Dwayne has nothing to do with the decisions that his dad made. “He doesn’t even know who we are.” Another child of Johnson, Lisa Purvis, has said “Dwayne owes us nothing.”

Despite this story the new siblings of ‘The Rock’ note that they share a tempestuous relationship. They are somehow enviable of the support they both get from each other. Even when ‘The Rock’ came to the city of Vancouver for the film ‘skyscraper’, Purvis has an interesting story to tell.

Purvis is delighted that she couldn’t escape pictures, stories and even news reports. Her half-brother is famous and she has a lot of good experience with it. The filmmaker was depressed and wanted to see Dwayne Johnson during that time. Here is what she has to say about it:

“I only see that our dad loved him and not me.” It was Lisa who arranged for the DNA tests to confirm that all five were half-siblings. Bowles said he would find himself “standing in a mirror, looking into my eyes, having a conversation with myself about why [he left].”

Rocky Johnson Doesn’t Reach Out His Children Much

Rocky Johnson hardly reaches out his children. It was his brother Ricky who has been doing much more than his nieces and nephews. According to the profile things have been going this way for them all. Ricky met most of the children of his brother through Facebook. He even holds regular meetings through zoom for the family. Here is what he says: “I keep reinforcing that I love them,” he told Sports Illustrated. “I tell them that all the time, all the kids.”

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Latest News On Bayley’s WWE Return


There is exciting news coming in from WWE world. One of the top stars from WWE is preparing for a comeback inside the ring. Bayley will be coming to the in-ring competition and there are a lot of promos coming on social media. In her recent Instagram post she is holding a photo and hugging the Money in the bank briefcase. She has successfully won this briefcase in 2019 after beating Charlotte Flair in the SmackDown Women’s Championship. It is possible that will be keeping a secret until she reveals the moment of her return.

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