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The Ramp New Freestyle Skateboarding game Out Soon On Steam

Indie developer and publisher Hyperparadise have revealed new info about their upcoming freestyle skateboarding game. The developers will be releasing their latest game The Ramp. The game will be packed with new features. The creator of the game is Paul Schnepf. He is the co-founder of Grizzly Games and has developed exciting games like Islanders and Superflight.

What to expect from The Ramp?

Schnepf has describes the game as a “digital skateboarding toy”. The latest game will be packed with all new and exciting features. The game is here for all the gamers who are looking forward to pulling off some fun. You will have to pull off some interesting tricks to win every level. The super intensive and competitive game will keep you immersed in the game. You can continue to achieve weapons and rewards as you clear each level of the game.

Is there a trailer of The Ramp?

The Ramp looks pretty cool as we can see from the trailer. The trailer for the Ramp is out and you catch it on YouTube to find out more details about the game. The Ramp seems like a really cool game and will be the most fun game for everyone who loves the genre. If you are looking to spend hours on a game then The Ramp will keep you addicted.

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The Ramp Release Date

The Ramp will be coming on Steam on August 3rd, 2021. You can look forward to this new exciting game to keep you busy and entertained.

The Ramp Gameplay

The Ramp will allow you to Chillout, do tricks, and also look damn cool. In The Ramp, the players will have to use their energy and power to beat the levels. You can go with the flow and can listen to a chilled-out soundtrack that is playing in the background. You can roam free across the four wildly levels. The Ramp is a simple halfpipe and moves to a multi-story jump ramp. The players will have nothing to unlock, kill or collect. You will be able to capture the delight of skateboarding and will be able to enjoy it in its purest form.

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The Ramp Features

The players can enjoy the fun and exciting game. They can dive into an engaging and unique skateboarding experience. The gameplay of the game is easy to learn but it might be a bit hard to master.

  • Born to ride: The players will have a stripped-back experience and can capture the essence of a real skateboarding game.
  • Board games: With this new feature you can Fly, spin and grind and can beat the four levels. The features include an empty pool, a half-pipe, and a mega jump.
  • All on the table: You will not see any points, levels, or unlockables. The players can perform any trick at any time. If you have got the skills then you can beat every level of the game.
  • Pocket pedigree: The game has been created by Paul Schnepf, who is the co-founder of the studio that is popular for releasing the Islanders and Superflight.
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