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Presley Gerber net worth, Girlfriend and does Presley Gerber have tattoos?

Presley Gerber is a fashion model and also a professional photographer. He is famous for being the son of a model mother and a businessman father. The star model is just 19 years old but the glamour and charm he oozes on the ramp are incredible and outstanding. As a result of this, he has managed to get many fashion projects and ramps. There is a lot not so commonly known about the teenager model and in this post, we will be giving out a lot of information about the talented guy. Tune in to know more about Presley Gerber.

Presley Gerber Family

Presley Gerber was born on 9th July 1999 in California to his model mother Cindy Crawford. Presley Gerber is 19 years old and his mother is a famous ramp model. She has been in the top league of models for a decade and besides being a supermodel she has been a great mom to Presley as well. His father is the owner of a famous restaurant and his sister is a famous model too. The whole Gerber family is famous for their bonding and close relationship with each other. The family is a tight-knit unit and is always there for each other.

Is Presley Gerber dating anyone?

Presley Gerber has been dating Charlotte D Alessio since 2018. His girlfriend is also a model and they have been very much in love with each other. They have celebrated one year of togetherness already and the relationship doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. The couple uploads each other’s pictures on their Instagram accounts. They were even seen holding hands together at an event where they had come to meet up with their friends.

Presley Gerber Past Relationships

Presley was dating a famous model Cayley King for a short while but the couple separated after a short while. He also dated Lily Moulton for a short them but both of them ended up breaking up after a short while. The model has been linked with a lot of models before but his only relationship that got him in the limelight is his current girlfriend and he has been the longest with her in a relationship.

What is Presley Gerber Net worth?

Presley Gerber has earned quite a lot of money from his modelling and photography career. His net worth is estimated to be $ 1 million. He started off his modelling career along with his sister and earned his first paycheck in 2015. The model has walked in a lot of ramps and has also featured in advertisements along with his sister and his mother. Presley is just 19 years old and he has a future ahead of himself so he would probably be adding a lot more fortune to his kitty in the near future.

Does Presley Gerber have a tattoo?

Presley Gerber has a tattoo of his sister’s name. He loves his sister a lot and is quite close to her. He also got a face tattoo recently. The tattoo on his face is said to be bold but this isn’t the first time he has had a tattoo on his body. He has a lot of ink tattoos including a leaf on his hand and a lot of other artwork on the rest of his body. He has been bashed and criticized for his face tattoo but some of his close friends have appreciated his tattoo as well. Having a face tattoo doesn’t seem to be a hindrance in the career of model these days.

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