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The Promised Neverland Chapter 179 Release Date, Updates, and Recap

The Promised Neverland is a Japanese Manga which is released on a weekly basis. It has been divided into chapters and each chapter has interesting stories to deal with. You can catch up with all the episodes or read the story if you haven’t watched any of the episodes. Almost everyone is in love with this Manga and they are eager to watch it. In fact, it has been appreciated because of its unique plot and characters. If you want to know about the release date, updates and recap of the previous episode read on below:

Recap of the previous chapter of The Promised Neverland

Grace Field house is a home for happy children and Mujika visits Emma and other children in the house. When Isabella dies Mujika thinks that he should be one to visit all the children in the house. She is happy to see that the children are free and they are reuniting with each other. They had to suffer a lot and Emma is happy to know that no one is hunting Mujika even though she is a demon. Mujika decided that she is not going to eat humans now as it doesn’t seem to be a good choice for her now. Emma and Mujika discuss these important things and move towards the stairs.

They discuss what could be the way to move out of Grace Field house and go into the real world. They decide to take the children to the real world and are making plans for it. The demon believes that he won’t need to have a reward for taking them along as he had already been punished for 1000 years. The children actually feel that they are sacrificing the demon if they go to the world. Emma is really worried and bids goodbye to Mujika and Sonji but she tells them they will always remain the best of friends. Mujika is glad to meet Emma and his family and they are happy to have each other.

The promised Neverland Chapter 179 review

Nowadays Japanese Animes and Manga are getting popular everywhere in the world. The developers have understood that they have to cater to the needs of every person as each one of them has a different taste. They always come up with something different and entertaining but most of the themes revolve around demons and angels. You don’t realize which character is a human or which is a demon and that is where the fun begins.

The promised Never Land release date and updates

The new chapter of the promised Never Land will be releasing on 31st May 2020. The new chapters of the Manga release every week once. Viewers have to wait for one whole week to get the episodes but it is totally worth it. The best thing is that the episodes will be available online once they are released by the makers. The new chapter of Promised Neverland will release on VIZ media and official platform of Shueisha’s Manga plus. Sometimes raw scans of the episodes are available a few days before the release but that is only restricted to spoilers. You should support the publishers and developers of the Manga and read the digital copies on the official apps and websites.

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