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Puss In The Boots Sequel Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast & Other Updates

Puss in the boots is a popular series that has made its way into everyone’s heart with success. The sequel is coming soon and all the fans cannot hold their excitement. The animated series follows an interesting concept and it can be watched by people of all ages. DreamWorks has produced and created the series and the sequel will be interesting too. The sequel is named puss in the boots: Nine lives and forty thieves. We have gathered all the important updates regarding the sequel so check out the details below.

What is the plot of the puss in the boots sequel?

puss in the boots 2

The story of puss in the boots season two will revolve around someone who has a cute friend named puss in the boots. He doesn’t have a shelter and is homeless while staying outside he gets to meet this friend. The animated Humpty dumpty egg is named Alexander and he goes on various adventures with his cat friends. The shelter home has taught him how to be independent and live life in an entertaining way. If you have watched the first part the second one will excite you even more. The story will continue from where the first part has ended.

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Who is in the cast of the Puss in the boots sequel?

puss in the boots 3

The voice cast of Puss in the boots has done well and season two will most probably have the same voices. The first part was a massive success all across the globe and the expectations are high for the new season too. Without the voice cast, the animated series wouldn’t have been such a big success. The voice cast has breathed life into the characters and here are their names below.

  • Salma Hayek
  • Antonio Banderas
  • Chris Miller
  • Zach Galifianakis
  • Joshua Rush
  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • Amy Sedaris

Is there any trailer for Puss in the boots Sequel?

The new trailer released by the makers has made audiences very excited. It gives an idea about the theme of the sequel and you can catch up on YouTube. Antonio Banderas is once again back as the major voice artist and we can notice brilliance in the direction too. The sequel is directed by Joel Crawford and produced by Mark Swift.

When will the puss in the boots sequel release?

Puss in the boots sequel will release on 23rd September 2022. There is still some time when it comes to the release date. Till then you can enjoy watching the first season or the trailer of the new season once again. The first part of the series helped the director and producer earn a Golden Globe nominee for the best motion picture. The sequel will also do well on the box office as the preparations are in full swing. The filming will begin soon so mark your calendars as we have revealed the official release date too. Get ready to embark on a wonderful and entertaining journey with Puss in the boots: The last wish.

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