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The Old Guard: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

The Old Guard is an action film and has become one of the most popular movies on Netflix. The action and fantasy film will fascinate you as it has an exciting plot and intriguing characters. The Netflix original has become one of the top-rated movies on Netflix and is most-watched among the latest 2020 movies. The film is based on a comic book that has the same name. If you haven’t watched it till now then you must keep it on your must-watch list of Netflix. The following are some interesting details about The Old Guard.

Who is in the cast of The Old Guard?

the old guard

The cast of The Old guard has the following actors.

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What are the filming locations of The Old Guard?

The Old Guard has been shot at various locations all around the world. The first part of the film was filmed in May 2019 in Europe. The rest of the filming took place in Morocco and the United Kingdom. The director of the film traveled a lot of countries to find out the right locations for the film. The outcome has been great as the film has brilliant scenic locations and cinematography.

What is the plot of The Old Guard?

the old guard

The plot of The Old Guard revolves around a group of mercenaries who have supernatural powers to heal themselves. They are immortal souls and they can withstand any kind of pain and still manage to go on with their life. They can heal themselves on their own and they don’t want anyone to discover their secret. The group is suspicious that someone has discovered their secret and they want to protect their freedom at all costs. The plot is intriguing and interesting and you will have a good time while watching the film. The group of mercenaries has the inability to die and because they can heal themselves they are surviving in the world for a long time.

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What are critics and fans saying about The Old Guard?

The critics are giving positive reviews about The Old Guard. The movie is also a commercial success as the fans are happy with the content and plot. The mortal world that has been formed for centuries has been defined in an organized way. The extraordinary abilities and supernatural effects are shown in a creative way. The movie has been getting so many positive comments and there are high chances that Netflix will be coming back with a new installment.

What is the release date of The Old Guard?

The Old Guard has already been released on 10 July 2020. The film has received a positive response from the audience. You can catch the movie on Netflix. The platform also has many other dramas and films and you can subscribe to Netflix to entertain yourself.

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