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Netflix May 2020: All the TV Shows and Movies Coming and Leaving

All the viewers of Netflix are waiting for new content in the quarantine period due to the coronavirus outbreak. In this guide, we will be telling you all about the upcoming shows on Netflix in May 2020 and will also be talking about shows that are leaving the platform and coming to an end soon.

TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in May 2020

All day and Night 2020

All day and Night will be releasing on Netflix on May 1st. The show is about a man that embarks on a journey of self reflection inside a prison. He finds himself in the same prison as his father and reflects about his life and wrong doings.

Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun and Dick is about a man who goes bankrupt and find it hard to meet ends. He and his wife struggle hard to live a comfortable life because they don’t have any money. The 2005 movie is going to release on Netflix on May 1st.

Masha and Bear

Masha and bear is an animated movie that is about a circus bear that goes into a quiet forest to spend his life peacefully. His life gets interrupted when Masha a high spirited girl enters the forest and starts living with him.

The half of it 2020

The Half of it is a story about a shy Chinese American girl who happens to help a student at college who she is secretly in love with. In the process, they fall in love with each other and find peace with each other.

Working Moms

Working Moms will be coming to Netflix on May 6th and the fans of the show have been waiting for a season 4 since a long time. The plot of the series is about 4 women who become fond of each other as friends and deal with their children after discussing it with each other.

All the TV shows and Movies leaving Netflix in May 2020

Netflix shows are loved all over the globe and all these movies and TV shows are leaving in May 2020.Let’s look at them below:

A Cinderella Story

The story is about a teenager Sam who is ill treated by her stepmother. She gets to meet a boy and falls in love with him which was a life changing moment for her.

A night mare of the Elm Street

A nightmare of the Elm Street is a horror and crime thriller and this will be leaving all the fans this may.

Miss Dynamite

Miss Dynamite is a television series which tells the story of a beauty Queen and she gets entangled in an unfortunate incident which changes her life.

A little princess

The story of a little princess revolves around a rich girl. Some events changed her life where she was forced to become a servant when her father dies.

American Experience: The Circus

American Experience is a mini-series which will tell the story of the events which happened in the American History.

Boys over Flowers

Boys over Flowers are a South Korean television series which was loved by people all over the world. It’s about a girl who falls in love with a rich guy and how they sort out the issues in life is worth seeing.


The film revolves around the series of events which happened on September will be leaving the Netflix this May so download it if you want to.


Iris is a hit South Korean television series which revolves around two friends who have been working in the National Security Service. They carry out a special mission together.

Good Burger

The story of Good burger revolves around the life of students.They are rowdy and one of them gets involved in an accident and to pay back the damages they start working at a restaurant.

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