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“The Night Of” Ending, Plot, Renewal & More

The night of is a popular American series and there were many people who were anxiously waiting to know that who has killed Andrea. It is a crime drama that features many twists and turns and this was the major twist. Now it seems that the central mystery has already been cleared. The show aired in 2016 but the president of the mini-series Kary Antholis has cleared this twist after four years. Today we will discuss all the night of and you can keep reading all the details here.

What is the killer of Andrea in the night of?

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The plot of the crime series revolves around a woman named Andrea and the Pakistani-American suspect Ahmed. The murder of Andrea was a big twist in the series and there was no clue given as to who is the killer. After four years since the show has been aired, we now got to know that she was killed by financial advisor. It was preplanned by the writer Steve that people should just be guessing about the killer as it was the biggest turning point in the series. He believes that somehow it was obvious while at another point it may not have been so obvious which made people guessing.

The night of which aired on HBO was a big hit and kept winning many awards including five Emmy awards which is a big achievement. The lead cast also wins many awards but it was Riz Ahmed who shined with most of the awards. There are a lot of characters and their story can be explored for season two if it happens. However, according to HBO, there is still a possibility for season 2 and the cliff hangers will also be cleared in it.

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Is there a season 2 for The Night of?

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According to the president of the mini-series till 2017 they all were hoping that the series will be given a green signal for season two. It seems that there may not be a season two as of now as things aren’t clear. Riz Ahmed who is the lead of the show also gave his thoughts about the series and he said that he feels happy that the first season was loved by everyone. He also thanks the audience and said that he believes that when work is recognized it is a big boost for the actors too.

According to the writer and director Steve, there are still many ideas which he has in mind and he wants to explore so he is up for a new season. They will have huge expectations and heavy burdens on their shoulders as season one was a very big success. Matching up to the popularity and storyline will be challenging but they are hoping to make viewers happy once again. The story of season one was intriguing and season two will have its own twists.

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Who is in the cast of The night of?

‘The night of’ boasts of talented cast and crew and they have given wonderful performances. They all have done their part to make the series a big success. Here is the list of all the cast members below:

  • Riz Ahmed
  • Payman Maadi
  • John Turturro
  • Poorna Jagannathan
  • Jeannie Berlin
  • Michael Kenneth Williams


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