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The Last of Us: HBO Releases Exclusive Images Of Pascal’s Joel & Ramsey’s Ellie

The Last Of Us is an upcoming American series. The show will be coming out soon on HBO. If you are excited about watching the series, then this post will be beneficial for you. We have gathered all the latest information about the series. The director Kantemir Balagov (Beanpole, Closeness) of The Last Of Us has confirmed that filming of the pilot is completed and the team will start shooting soon. Here is all you need to know about HBO’s The Last Of Us.

The Last Of Us Cast

The Last Of Us TV series is a Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin‘s series adaptation of The Last of Us. HBO has shared a first-look image from the series. The first look image revealed the lead cast of the series. The leading cast includes:

  • Pedro Pascal(Joel)
  • Bella Ramsey(Ellie)
  • Gabriel Luna(Tommy, Joel’s younger brother)
  • Nico Parker(Sarah)
  • Merle Dandridge(resistance leader Marlene)
  • Jeffrey Pierce(Perry)
  • Murray Bartlett(Frank)
  • Con O’Neil (Bill)
  • Anna Torv(Tess)

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The Last Of Us TV Series: What is it about?

The Last Of Us TV series is based on the critically acclaimed video game. The game has been developed by Naughty Dog and has been released exclusively for PlayStation platforms. The series is set twenty years after modern civilization that has been destroyed. The TV series features the story of Joel (Pascal), who is a hardened survivor. He is hired to smuggle Ellie (Ramsey). Ellie is a 14-year-old girl. She is out of an oppressive quarantine zone to the Fireflies. The zone is a cure-searching organization and Ellie is trapped in the zone. The journey becomes brutal and heartbreaking and both traverse across the U.S. They depend on each other for survival.

Character Sketch Of The Lead Characters

  • Ramsey’s Ellie is a 14-year-old who doesn’t know anything but a ravaged planet. She struggles to balance her instinct for anger and defiance. She is startled with a newfound reality by realizing that she is the key to saving the world. Ellie is the lead character of the series and will be an inspirational character.
  • Luna’s Tommy is Joel’s younger brother and is a formal soldier. He has a sense of idealism and hope and wants to change the world for the better.
  • Dandridge’s Marlene is the head of the Fireflies and is struggling for freedom. He is fighting against the oppressive military regime.
  • Torv’s Tess is a smuggler in the post-pandemic world and works with Joel to smuggle weapons inside and outside of Boston.

The Last Of Us Team

The Last Of Us is written by Mazin and Druckman.  Kantemir Balagov (Beanpole, Closeness) is directing the pilot. The executive producer of the series is Carolyn Strauss (ChernobylGame of Thrones), Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells, PlayStation Productions’ Asad Qizilbash & Carter Swan, Mazin, and Druckmann. Jasmila Žbanić (Quo vadis, Aida) and Ali Abbasi (Border) is the pilot-director Kantemir Balagov of the series.

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