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The Irishman movie 2019 review cast and summary of the film

The Irishman is an American gangster biopic directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Steven Zaillian. The film that features impressive cast, consisting of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Anna Paquin, Bobby Cannavale, Harvey Keitel, Ray Romano, and Stephen Graham, chronicles the life of Frank Sheeran, who participated in the disappearance of his old man friend Jimmy Hoffa.


Although initially the rights to this film were held by Paramount Pictures, he decided to abandon the project due to the constant increase in the budget. But, once again, Netflix appeared to the rescue and injected more than 106 million euros.

On the slight controversy surrounding the participation of the streaming giant, actor Robert De Niro commented to Deadline: “it is a good thing, because we need the money to do it well and it simply was not bankable in any other way, not at least the traditional way that had been done in the world of cinema until not long ago, if you want to put it like this”.

The filming of The Irishman was longer than usual, began on August 29, 2017, on Orchard Street in Manhattan and ended on March 5, 2018. Another reason for the delay in this project is that its filmmakers ensure that will make history in the special effects.

According to Venice costume designer, the winner of three Oscars Sandy Powell, the Netflix movie “will have a technique of rejuvenation so impressive that it will make ‘the curious case of Benjamin Button ’seem like a children’s game.”

On this use of technology, De Niro told Deadline: “First we are making the material where we are younger, and thus going from decade to decade, so that the last thing we will do will be what will be closest to our age real. They are trying to do it in the best way they know, and the goal is to achieve something special that everyone would want to see and see how it was achieved. I am really excited to be part of this movie and eager to continue recording it.”


Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), better known as The Irishman, is a mafia hitman who is credited with more than 25 murders related to the underworld. At the end of his life, Sheeran claimed to have been involved in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), the powerful head of the truck drivers’ union.

Hoffa disappeared on July 30, 1975, and was not legally declared dead until July 30, 1982. His murder is still unknown and is one of the most famous unsolved mysteries in US history.

This biographical film about the mafia based on real events is directed by Martin Scorsese ( Silence, The Wolf of Wall Street ) and written by Steven Zaillian (The Night Of, Millennium: Men who didn’t love women, from the Jimmy Hoffa book.

Case Closed by Charles Brandt. The film’s cast is made up of Robert De Niro ( Joker, Joy ), Al Pacino ( Once upon a time in … Hollywood, Phil Spector ), Harvey Keitel ( Youth, The Great Budapest Hotel ), Joe Pesci ( The Good Shepherd, A Bronx Story ), Anna Paquin ( The Secret of Bees, True Blood ), Ray Romano ( Pendleton, The Great Sickness of Love ), Jesse Plemons ( The Vice of Power, The Pentagon Archives ) Stephen Graham (Rocketman, Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge ), Jack Huston ( The Romanovs, Ben-Hur ) and Bobby Cannavale ( Angie Tribeca, Ant-Man and the Wasp ).


  • Robert De Niro as Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran
  • Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa
  • Anna Paquin as Peggy Sheeran
  • Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino
  • Bobby Cannavale as Felix ‘Skinny Razor’ DeTullio
  • Sebastian Maniscalco as Joe ‘Crazy Joe’ Gallo
  • Harvey Keitel as Angelo Bruno
  • Ray Romano as Bill Bufalino
  • Stephen Graham as Tony Provenzano
  • Jeremy Luke as Thomas Andretta
  • Joseph Russo as Stephen Andretta
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Anthony Salerno
  • Kathrine Narducci as Carrie Bufalino
  • Gary Basaraba as Frank Fitzsimmons
  • Aleksa Palladino as Mary Sheeran
  • Jesse Plemons as Chuckie O’Brien
  • Jack Huston


“We talked about that with Netflix. They are going to make a presentation of our film as it should be, in a theatre, in certain places, the best movie theatre places there can be, “said Robert De Niro at the Marrakech Film Festival in 2018.

“The way they solve it is that, at first, they will show it on the big screen, we are talking about the best scenarios and what will happen after that I am not sure,” he added.

It was finally known that The Irishman will premiere on September 27, 2019, at the New York Festival. The movie will hit theatres on November 1 of this year and can be viewed on Netflix starting November 27.

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