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The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Coming Soon

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 will be coming out soon and the fans cannot contain their excitement. The first part of the anime was a major success and now the much anticipated Season 2 of the series has also been announced. The official website of The Demon Girl Next Door manga has confirmed that the series will be coming out soon with a second season.

Is there a trailer of The Demon Girl Next Door?

TBS which is the broadcasting channel of the demon girl next door has released a promotional video and has also made an official announcement. Hiroaki Sakurai has directed the anime at J.C. Staff, and Keiichiro Oochi will be supervising the series’ scripts.

This magic of the anime continues to spread and the fans will once again fall in love with the anime. The trailer of The Demon Girl Next Door has released, and it looks promising. The animation made us demand for season two and the wish has been granted by the makers.

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What happened previously in The Demon Girl Next Door?

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The first season of The Deon Girl Next Door follows the story of a high school girl Yuko Yoshida. She becomes surprised and is shocked when she awakens to her real demon powers. She is known as the Shadow Mistress and she is given the responsibility to reclaim and restore her demon clan’s honour. She is given the charge to defeat Momo, who is the local magical girl. The second season will continue from where the season 1 left. We will see Shamiko and Momo joining forces and together they will track down the missing magical girl.

What are the updates on The Demon Girl Next Girl?

Houbunsha has published the fifth compiled of the anime in June 2019. Seven Seas Entertainment has the license for the manga and it will also supervise the second season. The first season launched in July and concluded in September 2019. Sentai Filmworks released the anime and it was streamed on HIDIVE in Japan.HIDIVE also aired the anime series with English subtitles. The second series is anticipated, ABEMA and the fans are eagerly waiting for it to release. There are many more details regarding the new season that will be revealed soon and we will keep you updated.

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The Demon Girl Next: What is it about?

The story of The Demon Girl Next door is about a girl called Yuko Yoshida who is an ordinary schoolgirl. One day in her dormant, she discovers that she possesses devilish powers.

Her powers are unleashed by the demon Lilith! Yuko is then transformed into Shadow Mistress Yuko. She is given the job of defeating a mystical being named Momo Chiyoda. She makes extreme efforts to make sure that she restores the honour of her clan.

A demonic magical girl isn’t an easy task and she gets in extreme trouble as she looks for ways to defeat her enemy. Yuko has a lot to learn and she works extra hard for that so that she becomes ready to beat the opposition and take on the Clan of Light.”

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