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The Continental: Major Spoilers, New Characters & All You Need To Know

The American action thriller John Wick will be coming back with its new TV series called The Continental. The fans of John Wick are excited to watch the sequel The Continental and have high hopes from the new series. John Wick was a thriller movie with the most exciting plot and the fans are expecting a lot from The Continental. New updates and rumors are being circulated on the internet and we have gathered all the information for you so that you don’t have to search for the TV series anywhere else.

What are the latest updates of The Continental?

According to the latest updates and rumors The Continental will be a spin-off series of the John Wick. The rumors suggest that the plot will focus on the dark stories of the underworld and will be full of action-packed drama and a lot of thrill. The first installment of the franchise was released in 2014 and since then 3 films of the franchise have been released.

All of them were a great success at the box office and the audience loved the performances of all the actors and the plot as well. The Continental is also expected to be a great show and we are expecting it to be even more fun and interesting than the previous installments of the franchise.

Did the films from John Wick franchise earn success at the box office?

The three films John Wick, John Wick Chapter 1, and John Wick Chapter 2 were a huge success at the box office. The three films earn big revenue of $ 587 million worldwide. The films enjoyed major commercial success and because of the fans’ love and huge box office collection The continental will be coming out soon.

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What is the plot of The Continental?

According to the official plot of The Continental will be based on the Underworld. The Continental is a chain of hotels and the hitman and other criminals of the underworld frequently visit the hotels. The film will have a dark story and is expected to be more on the darker side as compared to the John Wick’s previous chapters. The main story will revolve around the lead characters and the underworld.

The major characters that have been developed in the John Wick chapter will have a story in the Continental and all the previous characters will be explored to another level. Some of the old characters will appear in the Continental but it is heard that many new faces will be seen in the film and we can expect new plots and storylines. The Cast details haven’t been revealed as yet and we will update you as soon as we get more details about The Continental.

When is the release date of The Continental?

The Continental is rumored to be released in the second half of 2021. There has been no official confirmation on the date and month of the release as yet. When the film gets an official release date we will inform you about that. Once the Continental releases, you will be able to stream it on cable network Starz.

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