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The Best Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Nowadays comedy shows are loved by people and many interesting shows are coming out each year to entice the viewers. Some people like to binge-watch the entire shows while there are others who like to go slow. If you remain busy and the weekend is the only solution that you have when you can watch a lot of shows. Comedy is entertaining and it can make people smile so we have selected some of the best comedy shows to watch right now.

American Vandal

american vandal

American Vandal will have two seasons and there are 16 episodes that will be featured in the show. The story will revolve around the concept of Saturday Night live and will be explained in a humorous manner. It is not only written well but the comic timings with a dose of drama are high end. The actors know how to act well and bring comic scenes in the most perfect way.

Astronomy Club

astronomy club

The astronomy club is another comedy show which has one season and a total of six episodes. The episodes are short and crisp which means you can enjoy the show to the fullest. Many people like fast-paced dramas and it is true to the extent that boring dramas are hard to watch. The story is all about the black team and how they deal with various situations.

Derry Girls

derry girls

Derry Girls will come with two seasons and the total number of episodes will be 12. It is a beautiful series from Ireland and it focuses on the troubles going on in the mid-’90s. Life is very difficult on disputed territory and a new age comedy show. The foul-mouthed dialogues are hilarious but if you don’t like such nasty dialogues you may not like it at all.

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Enlisted is another interesting comedy series which has a total of 13 episodes. It focuses on the life of three brothers and they are at a fictional army base in Florida. The episodes are already coming out and it’s a shame that you haven’t started watching it yet. The comic touch of this show is high end and there are many interesting dialogues that you will see. The direction and especially the performance of each actor are very natural which is the main ingredient of a comedy show.

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Feel Good

feel good 1

Feel Good is an interesting comedy show and people love it to the fullest. The famous comedian Mae Martin has co-created this series and is a semi-biographical show about his life. The dialogues are penned beautiful and the laughing dose is enough to cheer up your moods. There may be some emotional scenes and a theme or sense of humor is intelligent to the core.



If we talk about Fleabag there are two seasons which will have 12 episodes each. The story focuses on a creative writer and her life problems. She is fun, casual, and addicted to sexual pleasures. You will fall in love with her character as she is closer to real life and does things in the most interesting manner. The first season of the show has been very interesting and obviously expectations are high when it comes to the second season. The character is more like a female anti-heroine but you will still love her antics.

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