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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Review, Trailer

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 are without a doubt the best superhero show which comes on CW. It has been coming out in various seasons till now and fans are very excited to know as the fifth season is on its way. If you are a great fan of superhero shows then this one is surely for you. The makers announced the official news at Winter Television Critics Association Tour which made the fans believe this news.

Get to know all about the plot of the series

The story of season 5 will revolve around people who are famous and in limelight 24 hours of the day. How they deal with this lifestyle and pressure is the crux of the story. The cast members of this series discussed the plot in some of their interviews. The complexity of the entertainment world is a topic that needs to be covered so people can understand how fame accompanies problems in life. Most of people usually envy the celebrities because of the lavish lifestyle they follow so through this series we can look into some of the problems they face. The director of this series has done a great job in making the previous seasons very impressive. So we are hoping something exciting and innovative is again coming up.

The series is based on the characters from DC Comics. All the people who have read the comics and seen the previous seasons will have a slight idea about the plotline as well. The story will give a sneak peek into the life of Ava who has been living with his girlfriend and thinking of ways to make her a part of the team. It’s hard for her to adjust in the normal lifestyle as she has gained superpowers. The scenes involving the superpowers are done in a unique way, sometimes the team members are afraid of her but she is always trying to hide her real self from them.

A short review on the trailer

Legends of Tomorrow trailer was recently released which gained a lot of appreciation from fans. When a new season is coming from an already established show the expectations are high. Brandon and Courtney once again steal the show as they are the most prominent members of the series. They bring the required passion in the show which is evident in the trailer itself. We won’t undermine the rest of the cast but they are the showstoppers once again. Though this season will be bringing a farewell to the characters so get your tissue boxes, let’s see if the new characters will be able to win your heart. Well, only time will tell. We can hope that this season is better and bigger than the previous ones.

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Cast and crew

The main cast members who consist of Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, and Dominic Purcell will all be returning with season 5. Tala Ashe is also a part but Zari Tomaz has been removed due to his other commitments. Well, fans will miss him for sure. With this amazing cast, we are expecting the fun level to be higher. The amazing performances will win our hearts plus the superhero element is there to stay. The cast has an amazing relationship off-screen which is a perfect recipe to deliver great onscreen performance. The filming of the series started a few months ago and the script reading too has been done.

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Release date

The new season of Legends of Tomorrow is going to release on 21st January 2020. It will come out on CW and has a total of 15 episodes.

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