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The Benefits Of AR-Builder Guns

Guns are good. They are great hunting tools. However, getting the right gun will make your hunting experience even sweeter. According to experts, a good gun should be durable and easy to use. That’s where the AR-Builder guns come in. So, why should you purchase the right AR-builder gun? Well, keep reading to find out the amazing benefits of AR guns.

Build Custom Rifle

Don’t purchase pre assembled AR-15. The manufacturer’s overhead costs will be passed to you. Plus, you will have to buy all the parts in that gun. Instead, build your custom gun. Remember, purchasing a pre-assembled gun is like buying all the parts—accessories, buttstock, latch plates, etc.—which might not explicitly fit into your needs. Remember, the gun industry is becoming more modular and customized. This means that you will end up replacing most of these parts with new ones. This is an extra cost, right? Thus, go for an AR-15 receiver. It will help you build your customized unit without incurring those expensive retail costs. Still more, this option allows you to have your explicit roll marks and even custom engravings, which will help you show off your gun assembling skills. Visit to buy an AR 80 lower receiver.

Cost Savings

As stated before, building your custom unit comes with cost benefits. This is because you will save a lot of money by assembling your gun. Remember, purchasing a pre-assembled gun will mean paying for assembling fees. You will also have to pay for the included parts, some of which might not suit your explicit needs. To save money, build your custom-made gun. Using the AR-1580 lower receiver is like cutting the branding, distribution, and storage fees. The manufacturer will sell these lower directly to you (the maker), which eliminates costly middlemen. Still more, this option eliminates extra costs like fees, taxes, etc.

No Paperwork

80 percent comes with regulations. In fact, their regulations are similar to those of firearms. Thus, you don’t have to fill the Form 4473 before making a purchase. Also, the law doesn’t require you to undergo a NICS to purchase your lower. Remember, lowers aren’t considered as guns. This means that the manufacturer can ship them directly to you.

No Serialization

The law doesn’t allow the government to create a registry or serial numbers for AR-15 lowers. All you are required to do is to keep all the Firearm Transactions Records. Thus, you should keep these receipts for a period of not less than 20 years. This means that you should produce them whenever requested by the authorities. The records will capture personal info, make, model, as well as a serial number.

Easy To Build

Building a gun isn’t that hard. Simple skills will help you build your AR-15. You only need to cut and drill a few things. Plus, they come with clear instructions. It takes less than one hour to build your gun.

The Bottom-Line

What are the benefits of building your AR-15 from scratch? Why shouldn’t you purchase a pre-built one? Well, the above are key benefits of building your gun from scratch.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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