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All You Need To Know About The Batman Figures That You Can Pre-Order

The Batman is already out in the theaters and is in love with the film. If you are a fan of Batman, then you must have not stopped thinking about it. The Batman film is one of the best psychological thrillers that will get you involved. After seeing a film like that, the fans of Batman want to bring it home in a collectible form. In this post, we will be listing down the best and coolest collectible figures that you can buy and pre-order. Here are all the details about the latest Batman Figures.

The Batman Figures Updates

Things will kick off with a nice set of Funko Pops and Hot Toys Cosbaby. You can check out the Comic Color Cosbaby in the market. The action figures will include McFarlane Toys. Other Batman figures that will be available will be The Bat, The Cat, Riddler, Unmasked variants, and some motorcycle riders.

Mezco Toyz will be delivering the $125 One:12 figure. These figures will come with swappable parts and accessories. The Batman figures will be equipped with a fabric cape and other accessories. These figures will be worthy of collecting for all The Batman fans. The list will end with the incredible and pricey Hot Toys 1/6 scale line.

Hot Toys The Batman 1/6th Scale Figures

  • Standard Release – $30
  • Deluxe (Includes Extra Accessories, Wingsuit, and LED Display Base) – $37
  • Bat-Signal Add-On Accessory (LED)- $16
  • The Bat and The Bat-Signal Combo Pack – $51
  • Batcyle (Will Fit Your 1/6th Scale Figure) – $315
  • Batmobile (Coming Soon)

Hot Toys – Cosbaby Line

  • Batman (Comic Color Version) – $30
  • Riddler with Tape – $25
  • The Bat – $30
  • Catwoman with Cat – $35
  • The Bat with Batarang – $30
  • The Bat with Batmobile – $85
  • The Bat with Batcycle – $70
  • The Batman CosRider (features rocking motion, original tune, and LEDs) – $60

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  • The Batman – $12
  • Selina Kyle w/ unmasked Chase Variant – $12
  • Caped Crusader with Grappling Gauntlets – $12
  • Batman in Batmobile Super Deluxe Pop Ride – $25
  • Selina Kyle on Motorcycle Deluxe Pop Ride – $25
  • The Riddler – $12
  • Oswald Cobblepot w/ Chase Variant – $12

McFarlane Toys

  • The Batman – $19.99
  • Catwoman – $19.99
  • Riddler – $19.99
  • The Bat Unmasked – $19.99
  • The Cat Unmaked  – $19.99
  • Drifter Bruce Wayne – $19.99
  • Drifter Bruce Wayne Unmasked – $19.99
  • Drifter Motorcycle – $29.99
  • Batcycle – $29.99

Mezco Toyz

The Batman One:12 Collective Figure will be available for $125. This figure will be outfitted in a screen-accurate armored Batsuit. It will have a chest insignia as well. The costume will feature an integrated posing wire. The figure will include the cape, utility belt, a thigh pouch, and two vambraces. The Batman will come with four head portraits. It will include an unmasked Bruce Wayne portrait with the likes of the actor Robert Pattinson.

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