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Tell Me Why Review: Is the Video Game Worth Playing?

Tell me why ‘is an interesting video game where there are two important characters of brother and sister. You get to play Tyler and Alyson and they reunite after a decade which is an emotional moment in the game. They are from Alaskan Hometown hamlet and have buried their past into memory. The supernatural twist is that both the siblings can communicate telepathically and teleport too. The duo will use their supernatural powers to solve many puzzles. They both know how to manipulate people according to their advantage and seeking the truth is their topmost criterion. Today we will be reviewing Tell Me Why so let’s get started.

What is the plot of Tell Me Why?

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The story of Tell Me Why is interesting and emotional as it revolves around the bond between brother and sister. Tyler and Alyson have got special supernatural powers and they solve different puzzles and seek the truth. Sometimes both their memories are different and the player has to handle what they are doing. The siblings have their part of the story to share and you as a player have been given a choice. You can choose to believe whoever you want and proceed with the game. When the game starts the siblings are sailing on the boat and all their memories will be shown to the player.

Some players believe that it was easy to choose one sibling and their side of the story was appealing. There are other scenes given to small characters and the scene is beautiful where the siblings are reviving the old memories. They clear the childhood home and the player will be enticed with what they are doing.

How is the gameplay of Tell Me Why?

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The puzzles of the game are quite interesting and the gameplay is easy. There are many imaginative ideas that will be presented to the users. The puzzles can be a little challenging especially if you don’t pay any attention. The narrative is strong and the graphics are quite appealing. The story is appealing and a little difficult to handle but the makers are known to deal with all these things effectively.

There is an interesting cliff hanger in the first part of the series while the equipment and mechanisms are good too. The game is based on the narrative rather than other things so it may not turn out to be a great thing for the players. The characters and their lives are very interesting and you will be immersed in the storyline. There are many best scenes and it is like a beautifully illustrated book that you will love to read. The book of Goblins that is introduced in the game is very different but you will get used to it when it comes out.

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What are the latest updates on ‘Tell Me Why’ and when it will release?

Tell Me Why will not disappoint you and it is a good choice if you like games with narrative backgrounds. Dontnod Framework has done a good job and the updates in the game are the high end which will make things easy for people. The characters are great and there are many lovely moments that you will witness as a player. Tell me why is now available on platforms like PC and Nintendo Switch.

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