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Game week 38 Premier League (Bet365)

The Premier League season of 2021-22 started on 13th August 2021 with the fans finally in the stands after two seasons, mostly without their presence. We have witnessed many highs and lows and we could not agree more that this season was full of drama. Now on 22nd May 2022, the final game week of this season is going to be played where you can start putting your football brain on the line and start betting on your favorite team. Betting sign up offers from the best bookies will open the door of opportunity for you. It’s a simple process where you can sign up in less than two minutes and turn your passion for football into a bit of profit.

10 games between 20 teams in the English Premier League will kick off at the same time at 16:00 BST. Here,10 teams will finish their campaign on a high note, while others will have dashed the expectations they had when running onto the pitch.

Arsenal is in a do or die situation where they face Everton, who has just secured a place in the premier league after winning their last dramatic game against Crystal Palace. Arsenal needs to win their last game for a top four finish. Although even that win might not be enough if the Spurs can cinch one or more points from their last game.

Then we have Brentford, who wants to finish their first season back in the Premier League on a high note. They have had a decent comeback season and will fight hard to gain some ground. Unfortunately, Leeds is in real danger of relegation and being demoted to the lower division. They will have to fight for 3 points to continue their journey to the top of English football.

Brighton and West Ham both had a successful season with 9th and 7th place respectively and with 48 and 56 points. West Ham still has a chance to qualify for a Premier League spot if they can get all 3 points in this game and Manchester United fails to win their game against Crystal Palace.

Burnley will host Newcastle, where they will also need to take the most points to secure their place and win the race against relegation vs Leeds United. Newcastle‌ is in a safe place after proving everyone wrong who thought they will finish at the bottom when Newcastle failed to win any of their games in the first fourteen matches.

Chelsea will host the already relegated Watford at Stamford Bridge where the fans of Chelsea will see some of their long serving players play for the last time. Watford has accepted their fate as they ‌rebuild their squad for the championship next season, while Chelsea has secured a 3rd place on the table.

Manchester United will play away at Crystal Palace. And, let’s be frank, Palace had an OK season, not a very good one and not a terrible one, but ‌Manchester United can’t afford to lose any points either. Losing any points will take them out of the Premier League and that would be a terrible blow after having the worst points for a season so far.

The game between Leicester City and Southampton is the clash between the 9th and 15th place holder on the table. They both expected a much better season, although that, sadly,  was not on the cards. Now all they can do is focus on the last game and try to finish the season on a more positive note.

If Liverpool wants to host Wolves and do their bit for the title race, they need to win this match and keep the pressure on Man City after Liverpool lifted the FA and League Cup and secured a spot in the Champions League final.

Manchester City, however, will play Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa. They have been chasing Man City for most of the season for a place at the top. Losing a point here might allow Liverpool to push them from the top, although we can’t see that happening.

At the bottom of the table is Norwich, who hosts Spurs in the last game of the season where they have the chance to beat Spurs and qualify. All it would take is one point for the Spurs to secure a playoff.

There is no doubt that fans from across the world will be tuned in for the next matches as we wait with bated breath to see which teams are victorious. First up is Arsenal vs Everton, who will set the tone for the next 10 matches.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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