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Subscribe To Jazz Daily Extreme Package At Affordable Rates

Jazz is the number one telecommunication in Pakistan as they have impressed a lot of customers. There is hardly a person who is not using a Jazz Sim. The number of prepaid and postpaid Sim users is increasing each day. If you are a customer of Jazz you will already know they offer top-notch services for everyone.

They offer a lot of good internet packages for the youngsters. It has now become easy to browse the internet for free and make unlimited calls to your friends. Jazz Daily extreme package is one of their most popular packages among users. You can explore this package and get unlimited benefits. Here are more details regarding this offer.

What do you get in the Jazz Daily Extreme package?

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Jazz daily extreme package has it all to impress the users and that is why many are subscribing to it. You just need to have a Jazz Sim and you are good to go. Daily mega jazz allows you to enjoy unlimited features that too at lower rates. With this weekly extreme offer, jazz is looking to target all types of users with different preferences.

The daily extreme package by Jazz offers 2GB of free internet data from 12 am – 2 pm. The offer is valid for one day and once it expires, you will have to subscribe to it again. You will be surprised to know that the package is very affordable. The users need only Rs.15 that includes taxes. Enjoy this unlimited data and have a stress-free day.

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How can you subscribe to Jazz Daily extreme package?

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The packages offered by Jazz feel convenient for many users. They don’t have to load credit into their mobile every day to use it and still enjoy free data from the internet. If you want to subscribe to Jazz daily extreme package you need to know the code for a subscription. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

• Subscription fee is only Rs 15
• If you want to subscribe to this package the code is 757#
• Users can recharge this offer by using Rs 17

Terms and Conditions

Here are some terms and conditions you need to know about this package:

  • Users can subscribe to this bundle any time of the day or week
    • You can check the remaining data by dialing the status code for Rs. 0.6 only
    • Make sure that the bundles will not auto-subscribe and you have to re-subscribe to it before it expires
    • It is easy to subscribe to this internet bundle that can be consumed in 2G/3G/4G networks areas.
    •  Speed of the internet will depend on many factors Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors especially on the kind of sim and device you are using
    • Use of Rs.2/MB will apply to the internet bundle.
    • In case users are not subscribed to any of the packages the base rate with be charged with Rs.5 MB
    • Charging pulse is only 512 KB.
    • The package details can vary anytime
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