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Sub zero Chapter 72: Spoilers, Updates and Release Date

Sub Zero is a webtoon that has gained a lot of fame in the past year. The webtoon has an interesting plot and has kept the readers addicted to it for a long time now. If you are a fan of webtoons then you must have heard of Subzero and there are also high chances that you are already following it. If you are new to the webtoon or have been following it regularly we will fill you in with all the details of the webtoon. Sub-zero has released 71 Chapters already and a lot of twists and turns have made the webtoon an exciting read for the readers. Every week the readers wait for a new Chapter because every new Chapter comes with some of the best fast speed plots. The new chapter will be released soon and the fans are excited to follow the new chapter every week.

What was the plot of Subzero Chapter 71?

More tensions have started to grow as Prince Noren has entered Prince Kyro’s territory. It seemed as if things will turn out ugly between the two but Prince Kyro settled things down and allowed Prince Noren to stay in his territory. He allowed keeping Prince Noren to stay only as a royal guard. Captain Noren asked his troops to delay the departure and he tells his teammates that he has been fighting with this question for a long time and was trying to look for answers. He states that he cannot leave as the guards were given the duty to protect the dragon of the nation. Noren and his men couldn’t protect the princess and had a failure in their mission.

Noren reminded his men of the time when they were attacked by the assassins and they were attacking the dragons. Noren decides that he wouldn’t leave the princess alone and would stay by her side. His men tell him that the princess is married and the kingdom wouldn’t allow Noren to stay there for a long time. Noren tries to stay there and claims that he and his men want to protect the dragons. Prince Kyro allows them to stay there as royal guards and tell the royal guards to patrol the area for the safety of the princess.

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What is the release date of Sub Zero Chapter 72?

Sub Zero Chapter 72 release date is 25th May 2020. The manga releases every week and there is a seven-day difference between each chapter is released. The sub Zero Chapter 72 will release on Monday as the manga releases every Monday. You can visit our site regularly so that you can get more updates on the new chapters of Sub Zero Chapter 72. The Sub Zero is not available to read online and it is only available on the LINE webtoon magazine.

You must buy the magazine to read the webtoon through legal ways. It is not available to read for free and you will have to buy the magazine. There are many unofficial websites that have Sub Zero latest Chapters but we suggest you buy the magazine to support the webtoon.

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