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Best 50 Episode Korean Dramas that you must watch

South Korean dramas are a rage in the world. The entertainment industry of South Korea has taken over the world. The Kpop industry and the Kdrama industry have a hardcore fan following all over the world. Most people love watching short series that contain 16 and 20 episodes series. There are only a few people who have watched 50 episodes of Korean dramas online.

The long series have high ratings in South Korea and family dramas have a high rating and viewership but the online audience is hesitant to watch them as they think they are too long. We will be introducing you to some of the best 50 episode Korean dramas that will be a part of your daily life once you start watching them.

What Happens to my Family?

what happens to my family

What Happens to My Family is one of the most interesting dramas that you might watch in your entire life. The story is fun, entertaining, and has all the potential to become your lifetime favorite drama. The drama is about the life of a single father who has 3 children. He is raising his children alone as his wife has passed away a long time back.

The story also focuses on the 4 children and their love life. The elder daughter has become overage and isn’t married. She has been dumped by her boyfriend and finds love later in life. She ends falling for her boss and they both end up getting married. The brothers also have intriguing characters and you will surely have a blast once you catch up with the drama series.

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My Husband Got a Family?

my husband got a family

This is an old drama and was released in 2012 but is one of the most fun shows. It shows the life of ambitious women who works at a production company that makes entertainment shows. She gets married to a doctor she falls in love with. She doesn’t like the traditions and doesn’t care about the family values and marries a man who doesn’t have parents.

She basically wants a man with no family so that she doesn’t have to serve her in-laws. The man she married is adapted to a family in America and stays alone in Korea now. The couple gets married and she later finds out that the neighbors they are living next to are her husband’s family. She struggles to get along with the newly found family of her husband because they are traditional and demanding.

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Marry me now

marry me now

Marry me Now is a story about a man who gets back with his first love later in life. The man encounters the woman he was deeply in love with during his early years of life. The couple had broken up due to a misunderstanding and gets back again when they are in their 60s. They have been married once and both are single now as their partners are not together with them anymore. The reunion doesn’t go down well with their children and they find it hard to adjust to the new situation. The story also focuses on the children of their children and their love stories. It is a must-watch drama if you wish to watch something fun and exciting.

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