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Strip Down, Rise Up Release Date, Plot, Cast And You Need To Know

‘Strip Down, Rise Up is a Netflix documentary.  The show is streaming on Netflix and has earned a lot of critical acclaim from the audience. Netflix has screened such type of bold show for the first time. This genre is new for Netflix and it has been welcomed by Netflix viewers with wide-open arms. The documentary celebrates women of different ages. It focuses on the ethnicities and portrays women who celebrate their bodies. The documentary is about the sensual art of pole dancing. It also shows women that are facing inner struggles and trying to overcome their past traumas.

Strip Down, Rise Up Updates

Strip Down Rise Up has been directed by the Academy-Award nominated documentary filmmaker Michèle Ohayon. ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ is a story about women’s empowerment. The core message of the series is that women have the right to choose their profession. The director stated in an interview:

“My film gives a voice to a diverse group of women, their power, their pain, their reclamation, their raw beauty, and offers a much-needed positive message of women stripping down shame and taking ownership of their sensual, feminine being in order to rise,” she told the People’s magazine during an interview. The documentary highlights the life of strip female dancers in America. The docuseries have been filmed in Los Angeles and California.

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Strip Down, Rise Up Release Date

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The documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ has already been released and you can catch it now on Netflix. If you are already a Netflix subscriber then you can catch it now on Netflix. The docuseries’ official release date was Friday, February 5, 2021. It has achieved a lot of attention from people around the world and has also received critical acclaim.

Strip Down, Rise Up Plot 

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The documentary tells about the journey of several women who are strip pole dancers. The docuseries cover stories of women of various ages. The ladies come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and work as strip dancers in the club of America. The film shows women doing pole dance training. They are seen rediscovering their sensual side. With each passing minute, the show starts to highlight deeper and serious moments in the lady’s lives.

The women talk about the struggles they are having with their body image. They also discuss the abuse, and trauma that they have faced in their life. The docuseries also highlight the unusual art of pole dancing. It ends up celebrating the uniqueness and womanhood of strip dancers.

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Strip Down, Rise Up Cast

The docuseries stars real-life Strip dancers. They have been cast as their own self in the documentary. The cast includes:

  • Sheila Kelley As Self
  • Jenyne Butterfly As Self
  • Elizabeth Mihelich As Self
  • Amy Bond As Self

The Netflix, show strip-down rise up film tells the story of ladies that come from varying backgrounds. They have overcome a heap of issues and have faced struggles from body disgracing, rape, attack, weakness. The amazing ladies are introduced to the world and their lives are seen to upgrade.

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